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201 | 2nd Grade | Mrs. Barry

Mrs. Barry
Room 201
Ms. Parisi

  Please help your student log in and practice at home each week:
ATTENTION STUDENTS:  Razkids and IXL are up and running! Practice everyday!

Welcome to Room 201 Class Page!   Please feel free to e-mail if you ever have any questions or concerns at  Our classroom website will be updated by units.  The weekly newsletters will be updated weekly and give detailed information on our classroom activities.  At the bottom of this page you will find our weekly newsletter that you can print out and post somewhere at home (as an attachment).   This newsletter will be an outline of skills focused on, spelling words, projects, assessments, and topics we will cover in each subject.  Please check the attachment section for other important forms or assignments that I will keep updated.  Have a wonderful day! 

Scholastic Book Orders

Class Code:  N4Q2D

Click on the link above to order Scholastic books for your child and earn free books for our classroom!

Whole Group Math
Chapter 7:  Metric Measurement of Length
-Measure length in meters and centimeters
-compare lengths in meters and centimeters
-solve real world problems
Fast facts:  Students should practice their fast facts nightly as well as multiplication/division 0-10 facts

  1. Small Group Math
  • nonstandard measurement
  • standard measurements
  • metric units and conversions
  • perimeter and area

 Helpful Student  Websites  Interactive math lessons   Interactive math games


Whole Group Reading
Theme: inferring

Where do creative ideas come from?


Please have your student read the story of the week to you aloud.  Ask them questions and discuss the story. 

Reading Test are every Thursday and will test comprehension strategies and skills, key vocabulary, key concepts, and genre.  

Student should read 20 minutes a night (Reading book,  Raz-kids or a book of pleasure)

Small Group Reading
  • Identifying character traits
  • Locating details about characters, events and setting within texts
  • Drawing conclusions
Spelling Tests on Fridays
Students will be given weekly spelling tests on Fridays.  Students should practice all words throughout the week.  Please see the attachment section for fun ideas to practice spelling words at home.  Spelling words can be found on our newsletter.  Please take a look at this website for Reading and Spelling words support (Games, spelling word lists, etc.):

Walke's Web



Social Studies

Unit 3:  People work in many places  

Chapter 5:  People give us goods and services



Projects:  African American history project due February 16-expectations and rubric attached below

Homework will consist of practicing skills we are focusing on in our classes.  Students should be reading and practicing math facts every night.  This can consist of:  a book of pleasure, our Reading story of the week, "book bag" books, RazKids, xtramath, other math related apps, or flash cards.  If you feel your student needs more practice at home please refer to our attached newsletter for suggested practice.  Each week there will be class assignment that will be turned in for a grade.  If students do not complete the work in class, it should be done as homework and turned in the following day.

Friday Folders:  Students will bring their purple Friday Folders home each Friday.  It will have all graded assignments from that week and any important papers.  Please go over all papers with your student and sign and date the paper attached in the middle of the folder.  Also, check Parent Portal weekly to monitor your student's progress.


Please see the newsletter for weekly assessments.  Students will bring home all graded assignments and tests from that week on Friday's in their Friday folders.  Please look through all assessments with your student.  Please sign the paper in the folder each Friday to let me know you saw all of your student's graded assignments.

Science FOSS

Unit 2:  Balance and Motion


Writing Workshop: Informational text
-research and writing about animals

Grammar:  verbs:  am, is, are, was, were

Second Step
Emotion Management Introduction: Students will
identify physical clues that can help them

       understand their own feelings.

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