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124 | 5th Grade | Mrs. Barry

Mrs. Barry
Room 124
Math and Science
Main Office: 773-534-4090

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Topic Three:  Multiplying Whole Numbers
3-1 Multiplication Properties
3-2 Using Mental Math to Multiply
3-3 Estimating Products
3-4 Exponents
3-5 Distributive Property
3-6 Multiply by 1-Digit Numbers
3-7 Multiply by 2-Digit Numbers
3-8 Multiply by Greater Numbers

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Unit One:  Chemical Magic

Chemical Reactions & Properties of Matter

This unit helps students develop the concepts of “substances” and “chemical reactions.” Students see that chemical reactions enable us to make new materials by transforming the ones we have. The results of these reactions are interesting and sometimes profoundly useful.

Mystery 1: Introduction to Chemistry
    Are magic potions real?
Mystery 2: Particulate Nature of Matter
    Could you transform something worthless into gold?
Mystery 3: Acids, Reactions, & Properties of Matter
    What would happen if you drank a glass of acid?
Mystery 4: Chemical Reactions
    What do fireworks, rubber, and silly putty have in             common?
Mystery 5: Gases & Particulate Nature of Matter
    Why do some things explode?




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Class Code:  N4Q2D

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