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124 | 5th Grade | Mrs. Barry

Mrs. Barry
Room 124
Math and Science
Ms. Gonzalez
Main Office: 773-534-4090

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Topic Seven:  Dividing Decimals

7-4:  Dividing by a Whole Number
7-5:  Dividing a Whole Number by a Decimal
7-6:  Dividing a Decimal by a Decimal

Math Homework:  IXL J4 DUE February 17

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Spaceship Earth:  Sun, Moon, Stars, and Planets

This astronomy unit helps students develop a new perspective on the world they’re standing on. They will be given evidence that the Earth beneath our feet is actually moving through space, both spinning on its axis, and traveling in a great orbit around the Sun. They will see how these movements account for the patterns we see in our sky (the paths of our Sun across the sky, the changing seasons, and the changing constellations). Accompanying us on this journey are the Moon and planets, which the students will observe have their own patterns of movement in the sky. Throughout this investigation, students will engage in actual and simulated observations of the sky, and they will engage in the process of inquiry: beginning with observations, debating a range of possible causes, and reasoning to possible conclusions

Mystery 1: Day, Night, & Earth's Rotation
    Why does the sun rise and set?

Mystery 2: Earth's Rotation & Time
    Who set the first clock?

Mystery 3: Seasonal Changes & Sun's Path
    How can the sun tell you the seasons?

Mystery 4: Seasons & Earth's Revolution
    Why do the stars change with the seasons?

Mystery 5:  Moon Phases, Lunar Cycle
    Why does the moon change shape?

Mystery 6:  Planets & Solar System
    What are wandering stars?

Mystery 7:  Gravity
    Why is gravity different in other planets?




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Important Dates:

*February 6:  End of 2nd Quarter

*February 11:  Report Cards/Mid-Year NWEA Scores


*February 15:  Blackhawks STEM Field Trip

Class Code:  N4Q2D

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