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120 | 3rd Grade | Mrs. Angela Baird

Hello Parents!
Welcome to another full week of instruction!   We will have our reading test and spelling test on Friday.  Our small group instruction (during languages) will be in math this week. We will review rounding for those who still are struggling, and complete our practice with estimation.  
Some progress folders have not been returned.  Please return by the folders and signed papers by Tuesday! If your child signed up for the sign language class or Science Olympiad, they will start this week.  See the list below.
**Special thanks to Michelle Marracco, Kate Donahoe and Pamela Bertucci for your help in the classroom these last two weeks!

Elementary Science Olympiad 

Wednesday, October 17th 3-4pm  (pick up at security desk)  

Allen Walter 120
Alvarez Emily 120
Hill Vincent 120
Hughes Maxwell 120
O'Brien Declan 120
Paz Caius/CJ 120
Quinteros Estela 120
Smith Lukas 120
Sokolowski Karina 120
*I don't have the sign language roster*

*Important Reminders*

END OF FIRST QUARTER - Thursday, November 1st

NO SCHOOL on Friday, November 2nd (Teacher Meetings Day)

REPORT CARD PICK-UP - Wednesday, November 14th (Sign up sheet coming soon!)

Teachers cannot, and will not, provide work in advance of a planned absence. Daily classroom plans are responsive to student needs and choices. In the event of an absence, teachers will provide some independent work to try to catch up the student when the child returns; however, lost instruction and hands-on classroom experiences can never be fully replaced.

SY18-19 Office Phone Calls
The main office is a very busy place and with Ms. Pineda's retirement we will have limited staffing. Therefore, we have put some structures in place to limit disruptions to our classrooms. Students will not be allowed to miss instructional time to make non-emergency phone calls home for missing homework, supplies, lunch, pick-up arrangements, field-trip money/permission slip etc. We will also be unable to call students down from class to accept phone calls or interrupt instruction to relay messages to students.

Here is our plan for this week!
October 15th-19th
Reading:  This week we are working on a story called  "Rows and Piles of Coins" (you can google it and watch it on You Tube!)  The skills we will be learning about are story structure and author's purpose.  Students will be creating a vocabulary chart this week. The new vocabulary words are: errands   steady   dangerously   unwrapped   bundles   wobbled    arranged   excitedly  EXTRA WORDS TO KNOW:  astonishment   confident   scoffed

Reading Logs will be collected on Monday, October 22nd.  Please make sure you sign the bottom of both sides of the log next time.  We still have many students not reading a total of ten days.  This is a homework grade!

Students should be getting on READ THEORY this week.  Students just need to go to  They have their sign-in names taped inside of their agenda books.  EVERYONE'S PASSWORD is baird120.
Science:  This week,  we will complete all of our Water Cycle Activities. We will do a Super Science Magazine story on elephants in Africa.

Math:  This week, we will finish with the practice of adding and subtracting bigger numbers with lots of regrouping and borrowing.
Multiplication will begin on Tuesday!
Our FAST FACTS  Friday quiz this week is on both addition and subtraction.  Students will have seven minutes.

 IXL SECTIONS that should be attempted this week: Third Grade Math: Sections A and B 

Click Here for Math Fact Practice 

(perfect way to master the times tables )

Social Studies: We will continue to learn about communities , this week we will complete the chapter checkup on Unit one , Chapter One in our social studies workbooks.
(Community- People and Places)


This week our words all have vowel dipthongs. 

The test will be Friday on these words:  proud    amount    avoid    employ   annoy   shower   voyage   thousand   bounce   appoint   hour  choice   prowl   poison    broil

                                                                                                        challenge words:  however   turmoil   coward   mountain   chowder   

Writing and Grammar:

In grammar, we will be learning about the four different type of sentences and reviewing nouns.

These are the rules for writing sentences in third grade!

Remember our sentence writing rules!!
    1. Begin with a capital letter. 
    2. Each sentence must have at least five words! 
    3. You cannot begin any sentence with the same word. 
    4. Please underline the spelling word or vocabulary word you are using. 
    5. Read your sentence aloud. Make sure it is a complete thought and makes sense! 
    6. Check the spelling of all your words. 
    7. Make sure all sentences end with a period, question mark or exclamation mark

Wish List: (We will gladly accept a gift card for these items!) 
  • Colored Pens (for Correcting Work)   
  • Prizes for the classroom prize box
  • Printer Ink for our classroom printer:  Brand Name: Brother  Item Number TN 660   Printer Model Number: HL-L23400W  
  • Plastic spoons and Forks

Here are the specials for the second quarter!
  • Monday - ART
  • Tuesday - Library/Computers
  • Wednesday - P.E.
  • Thursday - P.E.
  • Friday - ART

Here is “a picture” of our daily schedule! ( On Thursdays, we will not have languages and our Friday the time of certain classes change.)



Breakfast and Morning Procedures






Specials (First Quarter)

Mon. ART  Tues.-Library/Computers 

Wed-Thursday- GYM

Friday - ART


Language Arts or Social Studies





 Science or Social Studies




(small group reading or math)




Languages/Arabic, Chinese and French

(small group reading or math) EXCEPT ON THURSDAY.


CPS Calendar 
CPS Parent Portal

Grading Policy and Explanations – Third Grade_

For the subjects of READING, MATH, SOCIAL STUDIES, AND SCIENCE, here are the categories and weighted values.

Assignments 30%

Quizzes 15% 

Tests/Projects 35%

Participation 10%

Homework 10%

Assignments will all be based on a 100 point scale and come from a variety of resources such as skill practice pages, exit slips, reflection journals, and independent practice activities.  

Quizzes and tests will be given as needed to assess skills practiced in class and at home.  

Projects will be performance based and rubrics will be provided for guidance.

Participation will be assessed in each subject area twice during each quarter using a participation tracker system.

Homework is assigned to reinforce skills taught, help develop responsibility, and provide an opportunity for work to be completed if not completed during class. It will be given Monday through Thursday.   Most homework will be reviewed in class and not all assignments will be taken for a grade. There will be no late homework accepted without parent notification.

Here are the guidelines for the subject of WRITING.

Assignments 30%

Grammar 20%

Writing Process 40%

Spelling 10%

Assignments will be based on writing skills such as detailed sentences, paragraphs, letters and practice pages that utilize spelling and reading skills together.

Grammar will be based on the grades received from grammar practice pages, quizzes and exit slips.

Writing process consists of grades obtained from journal writing, writing drafts, editing pieces, written responses to reading, and  published works.

Spelling grades come from practice pages and spelling tests.

Angela Baird,
Jan 18, 2018, 12:33 PM