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207 | 7th Grade Homeroom, 7th and 8th Grade Math, Science, & Social Studies | Ms. Yorick

Welcome to Room 207
Ms. Yorick

Congratulations 8th Grade Graduates!!!  Enjoy your summer and good luck in high school!!
 Please make sure your student is completing at least 60 minutes of their IXL homework weekly.  
     Thank you students and parents for your continued hard work! Please feel free to e-mail if you ever have any questions or concerns at  Below you will find a guideline of what topics, concepts, and materials each of my classes will be focusing on for that particular unit.  Please note important newletters and important papers are attached at the bottom of this page.  As we are going paperless this year, please check your e-mail and our class webpage regularly.
 All classes will be graded on the following scale:
90-100 A
80-89 B
70-79 C
60-69 D
59-0 F
8th grade Math
8th Grade Math

Unit: Kaleidoscopes, Hubcaps, and Mirrors
 Please see the attached Math Newsletter at the bottom of the page for important unit information which includes: Test and quiz dates, vocabulary words, objectives, and resources we will cover in this unit.
  • Students should be completing at least 60 minutes of IXL weekly and working on their RIT Band Goal
  • Homework is given nightly and is due the following day

 Important Dates:

5/16 Quiz on Investigation 5 

 Helpful Parent Wesites 
Common Core- Parent's Guide to Student's Success
Helpful Student  Websites
This website will help reinforce all skills we are practicing in class.  Each student has their own log-in and password.
MAP NWEA - MATH PRACTICE  Interactive arithmetic lessons   Interactive math games

Math Grading Categories:

Daily Math 10%
Homework 10%
Participation 15%
Test 35%
Quiz 30%
8th grade Science 
8th Grade Science
Unit:  Electricity
Please see the attached Science Newsletter at the bottom of the page for important unit information which includes objectives, vocabulary words, and resources we will cover in this unit.

Important Dates:
Tuesday June 3 - End of Unit Quiz

Helpful Student and Parent Websites

Extra Credit :
Click on the address below, click on US and then type in keyword: Science.

Choose one of the topics from the assigned pages.  Complete the activity and/or reading.  Write at least a half page summary on the activity you completed and concepts focused on that particular interactive website.
1.  U.S.
2.  Key word is Science
Pages: Electricity 236-237, 238-239

 Science Grading Categories:

Homework 10%
Classwork 10%
Quizzes 25%
Tests  30%
Projects 25%


8th grade Social Studies
The American Journey Modern Years: Civil War to Civil Rights 
Unit: Illinois State Constitution

Illinois State Constitution Workbook

Important Dates:
 5/15 Constitution Test
Please see attached Constitution Letter for important unit information on this unit.
Practice and review at the glencoe website listed below!

Student and Parent Websites    Constitution Practice Constitutution Practice Connect directly to on-line resources such as on-line student edition, test practice, glossary, interactive maps, workbooks, videos and more! Click on History and the book titled The American Journey Modern Years 2012.  Your student code is on the inside cover of your text book.
Graduation Requirements:  All 8th grade students are required to pass the Illinois Constitution Tests to meet the requirements for graduation. 

Social Studies Grading Categories:
Homework    10%
Class Assignments   25%
Quizzes   15%
Tests     20%
Participation     15%
Projects     15%
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