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224 | 5th Grade | Ms. Julie Kolkmeyer, NBCT

Student Council Representative and Alternate
Julian Reiss & Molly Moran
Important Dates:
May 1 - Fast Fact Quiz
May 7 - Topic 13 Test (Units of Measure)
May 8 - Robert Crown Center - In-school presentation
May 25 - No School (Memorial Day)
June 19 - Last Day of school
Practice Test is HERE (click)
The second round of PARCC testing will begin on April  27-29.  For this round of testing, there will be 2 English/Language Arts tests and 1 math test.
Students can practice online or you can print a paper and pencil version for them to use at home. 
Issues that need an immediate attention (such as changes to where students should go after school) should be called in to the office to ensure the message is received.  I DO NOT check my email during my time with students.
Absent Work:
When students are absent, it is their responsibility to check the monthly homework calendar. Classwork that was given on each day is also recorded. Additionally, any handouts that the student needs are hanging next to the board. A student should not need to ask me for any work, as it is all provided here. Students have the same number of days absent to complete the absent work. 
SOAR Student of the Month
December - Lesly Gonzalez
January - Art Korkuchanskiy
February - Dean Wilkinson
March - Molly Moran
April - Angel Rosales
May -
No-Name Papers:
If your child is sure he/she turned in an assignment and it is labeled as "msg" (missing) in the gradebook, please remind him/her to check and see if it is included on the No-Name board. 

Student Portal and Parent Portal:
Students should regularly check student portal and be aware of their graded work and/or missing assignments. Remember, by clicking on the letter grade, you can see an itemized list of all assignments and grades that have been entered.

Graded Work:
Graded work folders are sent home each Friday. Please remove all papers, read your child's reflection, and sign, notifying me that you have seen and discussed the graded work with your child. Empty folders should come back to school with your child each Monday.

Students will have responsibility for recording all homework accurately when it is given at the end of every period.

Reading and Social Studies information can be found on Ms. McIlvain's webpage.

Late Work:
Late work (homework) is not accepted. Because homework is often reviewed in class with answers given, students who do not have their homework completed will receive a msg (missing) in the grade book. 

Homework is given in math daily (M-F) with the exception of progress report days, report card days, and test days.  

Specials for 4th Quarter
Monday - PE
Tuesday - PE
Wednesday - Library/Computers
Thursday - Art
Friday - Art 

Grading Scale:
100-90 = A (greatly exceeding standards)
89-80 = B (exceeding standards)
79-70 = C (meeting standards)
69-60 = D (below standards)
59-0 = F
Math Topic 13
Units of Measure
The topic 13 math test will be on
Thursday, May 7. 
Essential Understandings
13-1 Students will convert from one unit of customary length (inches, feet, yards, and miles) to another.
13-2 Students will convert from one unit of customary capacity (gallons, quarts, pints, cups, and fluid ounces) to another.
13-3 Students will convert from one customary unit of weight (ounces, pounds, and tons) to another and apply this skill to compare quantities.
13-4 Students will convert one metric unit of length (kilometer, meter, centimeter, and millimeter) into another.
13-5 Students will convert from one metric unit of capacity (liter and milliliter) to another.
13-6 Students will convert from one metric unit of mass (milligrams, grams, and kilograms) to another.
13-7 Students will find hidden questions or questions to solve multi-step problems.

Common Core Standards
Measurement and Data
5.MD.1. Convert among different-sized standard measurement units within a given measurement system and use these conversions in solving multi-step, real world problems.

Online Support/Activities
Click on any
Fourth Quarter

Students will continue learning more about the scientific method.  The science fair will also take place this quarter!
A science fair packet with complete directions and expectations was sent home on 4/13. I have also attached a copy in the documents section below.   
Julie Kolkmeyer,
Apr 24, 2015, 9:55 AM