Our goal is to grow top quality produce that is fresh and delicious.  We are always looking for new and innovative ways to grow that are natural and safe.  Much of the
vegetables are grown on black plastic mulch which warms the soil rapidly, keeps weeds
down, gives cleaner harvests and reduces soil compaction.  Row covers are put over the plastic mulch both early in spring and in the fall to help with frost protection by retaining heat that is being released from the ground.  The row cover helps keep that  eat around the vegetable plant.  Our high tunnels (hoophouses) allow us to grow much earlier, virtually flawless, flavorful tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers.  High tunnel produces is not the same as hothouse  (greenhouse) produce.  High tunnel produce is planted in the natural soil and uses passive heat and venting while ahothouse uses artificial growing media and automated heat and ventilation.   very vegetable has multiple planting dates in order to always have good quality and quantity.  Our tunnels have allowed us to
grow chemical free vegetables within them by
protecting plants from many weather related diseases.  In 2017, we began to concentrate on soil health and total plant nutrition in order togreatly reduce the use of conventional sprays.  We have begun to use many organic soil supplements to regenerate our soil's biological structure.  Through this plants will grow stronger in order to fend off diseases, insects, and extreme weather factors.  Just as in humans are at optimal health, we can fight off disease.  Vegetables grown with adequate micro and  macro nutrients will also be superior in flavor as well.  we are also using cover crops that are 
incorporated into the soil to add organic matter.  Cover crops are planted during the off season or whenground is not into vegetable production such as oats or rye to protect soil and help soil fertility.  This helps feed soil microbes that make various nutrients readily available to our plants.  Cover crops help make our soil more forgiving to erratic rainfall events by allowing soil to holdmore water and help conserve water during dry spells.
     We are excited with the future of produce farming in a sustainable healthy way for our customers and the environment.  We strive to always have fresh picked produce on our shelves that looks good and most importantly, tastes good.