Online dating advice

If you want your online dating experience to be the best, I recommend the following points that I learned myself after more than 3 years:

  • Create a good profile and use good photos - other sites explain how to do this well.
  • Beware of scammers. Most sites (,, eHarmony) do a good job of keeping them off, but beware.
  • Beware of "stale" profiles. All online sites have an interest in showing customers the most matches when they search. For example, recently, began putting info about when the profile was last active. Inactivity of over three weeks should probably be considered a person who is no longer dating on the site (I'd argue the profile should be removed, but some sites won't do that). 
  • Beware of fake photos. Google today will allow you to search for a photo ( It takes 5 seconds to verify if a user's photo is stolen from another site. Check out my page of profiles on whose photos are elsewhere on the net for examples. shuts down some profiles, but for unknown reasons they allow others to exist. Perhaps these are the "real" people who have profiles? I doubt it for this reason: If I were dating online as a public figure, I'd use a private photo to be more discrete!