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After dating online for more than 3 years, I've started a page for advice for online dating.

Email Backscatter victims unite!

In 2007 I was getting over 300 backscattered messages/day at one of my email addresses. I suspect that there is a huge potential to fight spam with this opportunity, since the bounces come in practically in "real time" from spam runs. If you have concrete ideas or resources about how to use this information, send me an email

I contacted, but they were only interested in my backscatter if I host my MX on's system. Apparently their backscatter-reporting is hard-coded from that system. Sadly, I would lose the backscatter if I were to move my email there, as it's coming into an email alias, which forwards to my Gmail system. Gmail does a great job at classifying spam.

I am able to report all backscatter (and other spams) to SpamCop quite easily using a combination of Gmail, FreePOPs, Thunderbird and SpamCop's quick-report feature (which is free). See the link below that explains this setup. Contact me if you have questions.

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