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Lars Windhorst Brings A Younger Perspective for the Mentor Foundation

Mentor Foundation

In 1997, when he was only 23, Lars Windhorst joined some of the world’s most prominent men and women as a member of the board of trustees of the Mentor Foundation, where he served for five years. During his tenure on the board, Lars Windhorst brought a ‘young’ voice to the organization, and served as an inspiring role model.

The Mentor Foundation, established in Geneva in 1994, is a non government outreach organization that works to prevent youth drug abuse. Its activities are designed to inspire and encourage teens and young adults to make decisions for a responsible, healthy, sustainable lifestyle. The Mentor Foundation operates seminars, workshops, training seminars and a wide variety of programming for children, teens and parents around the world.

Not much older than the age group targeted by the Foundation, Lars Windhorst felt quite comfortable in the company of the other board members. Just a few years earlier Windhorst had earned a name for himself in his native Germany as something of a business wunderkind. His first company, which he founded in 1993 when he was just a teen, gleaned sales of approximately 50 million dollars in its first year. His business success caught the attention of Germany’s Chancellor, Helmut Kohl, and he was invited to travel with the Chancellor to Asia. During that trip, and others that followed, he socialized and did business with economists, celebrities, politicians and successful businessmen. He also joined the World Economic Forum and was chosen to join the ranks of Global Leaders of Tomorrow. During this period, he also relocated, on a part time basis, to Hong Kong and established Windhorst Asia Pacific Holdings in China and Vietnam

Sapinda CEO, Lars Windhorst, Attends “A Heart for Children” Gala

A Heart for Children

After Lars Windhorst stepped down from the board of trustees of the Mentor Foundation in 2002, he experienced a series of business successes and failures, and a very serious airplane accident that put him in critical condition. Throughout the good times and bad, however, he has always maintained a philosophy that embraces philanthropy and the idea of giving back. Recently, Windhorst and his wife Tatjana, attended the 2011 star studded A Heart for Children Gala held in December at the Ullstein-Halle in Berlin, Germany. Also in attendance were such notables as Prince Harry of Wales, who brought along date Sophia Thomella, a German actress, Tina Turner and Helen Mirren. Princess Charlene of Monaco was presented with the Golden Heart award.

A Heart for Children (Ein Herz für Kinder) is a German charity that was established in 1978 to raise money for children and families in Germany and around the world. The organization focuses on activities that promote road safety, environmental protection, improved child and health care, and more. The annual Heart for Children Gala, which is a yearly fundraising telethon televised to millions of viewers, attracts personalities from the world of sports, business, politics and entertainment. In 2011, it is estimated that over 5 million watched the live program. The Gala raised over 13 million Euros.