Staffan Larsson


I am Professor of Computational Linguistics at the Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science at the University of Gothenburg.

I am a member of the steering committee of CLASP, as well as Chief Science Officier and co-founder of Talkamatic AB.

I am a member of the Editorial Board of the Journals: Dialogue and Discourse, Journal of Logic and Computation.

My areas of interest include dialogue, dialogue systems, language and cognition, pragmatics, formal semantics, semantic coordination, in-vehicle dialogue systems, philosophy of language.


My GU page, including my publications in GUP, the publications database at the University of Gothenburg.

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Since 2014, I am using Twitter for news.

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I have supervised 3 PhD theses (Kristina Lundholm Fors. Jessica Villing, Jenny Myrendal) and co-supervised 1 PhD thesis (Fredrik Kronlid) to completion. I am currently co-supervising 4 PhD theses (Mehdi Ghanimifard, Yuri Bizzoni, Vlad Maraev, Sylvie Saget). 

I am currently supervising 1 masters thesis; I have previously supervised 13 masters theses to completion.


Current teaching:

  • Dialogue Systems 1, spring 2018
  • From cognition and communication: Type Theory with Records (PhD course), autumn 2017-spring 2018 
  • Språkets Teknologier (Language Technologies), spring 2018
Recent teaching:
  • Dialogue Systems 2, autumn 2017
  • Master thesis supervision in Master in Language Technology, 2017
  • Bachelor thesis supervision in Linguistics, 2017
  • Dialogue Systems 1, spring 2017
  • Språkteknologi (Language Technology), 2017
  • NLP, autumn 2017
  • Dialogue Systems 2, autumn 2016
  • Master thesis supervision in Master in Language Technology, 2016
  • Dialogue Systems 1, spring 2016
  • Språkets Teknologier (Language Technologies), spring 2016
  • Dialogue Systems 2, autumn 2015
  • NLP, autumn 2015
  • Språkets Teknologier (Language Technologies), autumn 2015
  • Dialogue Systems 1, spring 2015
  • Språkets Teknologier (Language Technologies), spring 2015
  • Språkets Teknologier (Language Technologies), autumn 2015
  • Semantik och pragmatik (Linguistics undergraduate course), spring 2014
  • Pragmatics (PhD course), autumn 2013 - spring 2014
  • Lingvistikens grunder: (Linguistic undergraduate course), spring 2014
  • Språkets Teknologier (Language Technologies), spring 2014
  • Lingvistikens grunder: (Linguistic undergraduate course), autumn 2013
  • Semantik och pragmatik (Linguistics undergraduate course), spring 2013
  • Lingvistikens grunder (Linguistics undergraduate course), autumn 2012
  • Classics in linguistic theory (graduate course, course coordinator, main lecturer)

Twitter Timeline

Current projects

Networks and Types (Swedish Research Council, 2014-2017)

CLASP (Swedish Research Council, 2015-2025)

Completed projects

SAICD (Swedish Research Council, 2010-2014)

SIMSI: Safe In-vehicle Multimodal Interfaces (Vinnova FFI Programme, 2011-2014)

Semantic Coordination in Dialogue, 2008-2011(Swedish Bank Tercentenary Foundation, 2008-2011; main applicant, primary investigator)

DICO (Vinnova 2006-2008)

TALK - Talk and Look, Tools for Ambient Linguistic Knowledge (EC project IST-507802; Reseacher 2004-2006)

SIRIDUS (EC project IST-1999-10516; 2000 - 2002; research assistant, researcher)

D'Homme (Dialogues in the Home Environment) (EC project IST-2000-26280) (occasionally during 2001): research assistant

ILT (Interactive Language Technology) (Vinnova Language Technology Programme Project nr P20018-2A; 2001 -- 2002)

Records, types and computational dialogue semantics (Swedish Research Council project 2002-4879)

TRINDI (EC project LE4-8314; 1998-2000; research assistant)

S-DIME (Nutek/HSFR project F1472/1997; 1997-1998; research assistant)

INDI (Information exchange in dialogue) (Swedish Bank Tercentenary Foundation project 1997-0134; 1997; research assistant)

Conference and reviewing activities 
(incomplete list)
  • reviewer for the Norwegian Science Foundation 2017
  • co-organizer of CONLI 2017
  • reviewer for SIGdial 2017
  • reviewer for SemDial 2017
  • reviewer for Interspeech 2017
  • reviewer for FADLI 2017
  • reviewer for LAML 2017
  • reviewer for EACL 2017
  • reviewer for NLP4CALL 2016
  • reviewer for FETLT 2016
  • reviewer for SALT 2016
  • reviewer for SigDial 2016
  • reviewier for SemDial 2016 (JerSem)
  • reviewer for SALT 2015
  • reviewer for NODALIDA 2015
  • reviewer for Linguistics (journal) 
  • reviewer for Computer Speech and Language (journal)
  • co-organizer and reviewer for SemDial 2015 (goDIAL)
  • reviewer for SemDial 2014 (DialWatt)
  • reviewer for EACL 2013, Discourse and dialogue track
  • reviewer for SemDial 2013 (DialDam)
  • reviewer for  Workshop on Language, Action and Perception (APL) at SLTC 2012
  • reviewer for SemDial 2012 (SeineDial)
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