Larry Williams' Professional Recommendations / Testimonials


“Larry is a can-do, energetic colleague, whom I would trust with finding, selling, and closing business opportunities in a variety of fields. Larry's great at relating to people and helping them identify solutions to challenging problems. 

I've known Larry for years as a colleague and friend, he's a lot of fun to work with and he brings a wave of successes along with him to wherever I've seen him work. If you are looking for a strong team player in sales, management or marketing in the Houston area, then you should reach out to connect with Larry!”

M. Beirne (Colleague)


“Larry is one of those rare individuals who has the exceptional ability to really hear and understand the unique issues, challenges and needs each client or colleague presents. Furthermore, Larry is an excellent communicator and is very pleasant to work with. Finally, what impresses me most about Larry is how thoroughly he prepares and executes.” 

J. Free (Client)


"Larry is great to work with, he is team oriented and a natural leader. In the 15 years I have known him professionally, he has always been dependable, thoughtful, diligent and skillful. His public relations skills and never failing professionalism make Larry an easy fit in any organization."

P. Burns (Client)


“Larry had been thrown into a difficult situation and stepped up to the plate with courage and aggressive determination. He was very committed to the development and growth of his company and encouraged his employees to love the company as much as he did with innovative methods. Larry was unfamiliar with some of the job requirements required for his newly acquired position but quickly brought himself up to speed and did a great job.”

P. Trapani (Colleage)

Cell: 281-455-8300