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Over 53 Years of POLKA Radio & 

POLKA Promotion Since 1964

Larry & Diana Walk in the Polkaland Studio
Larry & Diana Walk 
(in the Polkaland Studios)

Diana Walk
at the controls during NINE HOUR weekends on 
    Saturdays 9AM to 1PM
          WLOA AM1470
      Sundays 8AM to 10AM
Sundays 1PM to 4PM

We have devoted our entire adult lives, since 1964, bringing POLKA HAPPINESS to the hearts and homes of Polka Fans with our Happy Polkaland Radio Shows and Producing and Promoting the Penn-Ohio Polka Festivals.

The Penn-Ohio Polka Festivals originated at Idora Park in 1967, moved to Yankee Lake and moved on to Conneaut Lake Park. The Penn-Ohio Polka Festivals were also held at Station Square Festival Tent, Pittsburgh, Armstrong County Recreation Center and other venues. In 2015, Larry Walk continues the traditions of the festivals on the Gateway Clipper Fleet and also as ethnic coordinator of the 2015 Bavarian Fun Fest.

It is our goal with this web site to direct you to POLKA HAPPINESS whether it be tuning in on the radio, on the web, or attending one of the many polka festivals and events that we are involved in producing and promoting.

The 2014 Bavarian Fun Fest  took place August 6, 7, 8 & 9, Saturday the 8th is Polish Day also featuring Bavarian and Tambritizan music. Labor Day, Larry & Diana will emcee the annual Penn-Ohio Polka Cruise on the Gateway Clipper in Pittsburgh, board Noon.


Idora Park
1,800 Plus People, elbow to elbow, in front of the Bandstand in the Idora Park Ballroom at Larry Walk's Penn Ohio Polka Festival in the 1960'

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