Southover Lakes, Dorset 

Southover lakes where created by Richard Slocock  in the 1980s to provide  an ideal teaching environment . There are five lakes in total,  all with different characters. Meadow the largest, with mixed deeps and shallows. School is smaller, as is Bowl. Church fishes well but is a bit out of the way and Ox Bow is just that like a small stream but deeper.  

What to expect
 * The water quality is excellent and sight fishing makes learning easier.
 * Casting tuition will initially take place on grass then continue on the water .
 * Basic tackle set up and Knots
 * Fly selection and rudimentary entomology
 * Practical fishing on the lakes which  are stocked with Rainbow trout on a regular basis.

What it costs
1 day course £185 including all fishing and tackle.

Bookings & Availability
To find out when I'm available or to see if I'm free for your preferred date you can phone me on 07855 196332 or email me via the contact page.