River Frome, Dorset
The Frome at Morton is the ideal place to introduce  river fly fishing to beginners and improvers alike, as well as providing challenges for the more experienced angler. It consists of main river and carrier beats so a verity of water is available. The main river is wide with a mixture of runs and pools with plenty of weed for food and cover. The carrier is fast and fairly narrow and deep with weed growth and bank side cover
providing ideal trout and grayling habitat. Other
upper river Frome beats  above Dorchester are available and can be  a better option early season ( pre May)

What to expect
* Introduction to Chalk stream  fly fishing
* Understanding equipment & tackle
* Basic casts
* Casting tuition
* Practise routines
* Basic fly selection and knots
* Watercraft and Entomology

The whole day can be spent searching the huge variety of water and lunch can be taken in the hut or at a local pub

What it costs
1 day course up to £200 including all fishing and tackle.

Bookings & Availability
To find out when I'm available or to see if I'm free for your preferred date you can phone me on 07855196332 or email me via the contact page.