Hoddom Castle, South West Scotland

Having lived for many years in the Scottish borders I have retained a few connections to accessible good quality fishing. The Salmon and Sea trout fishing on the Annan can be world class as it can in many of the Dumfries and Galloway rivers. Local knowledge is everything and in anything but flood or drought there are places to fish. Not religiously sticking to the same piece of water but going to the spots you would fish if you lived there. A great place to learn to fish for Salmon and sea trout in one of Scotland's  most scenic areas.  A great environment for learning to fish  for our migratory species for anglers of any level of experience with no pressures or targets...................

What to expect
* Introduction to salmon or sea trout fly fishing
* Understanding equipment & tackle ( How it all works)
* Basic casts and Casting tuition
* watercraft and tackle adaptation
* Basic fly selection and knots

What it costs
Sea trout 3 day course £ 650 per person.( not including  Accommodation and travel expenses )
3 day course £ 850 per person.( not including  Accommodation and travel expenses )

Bookings & Availability
To find out when I'm available or to see if I'm free for your preferred date you can phone me on 07855196332 or email me via the contact page.