Boat Fishing, Dorset Coast

Salt water fly fishing from a center consul boat is pretty much standard practice in the warmer parts of the world. Its unusual in the UK but we have Bass Pollock and Mackerel and a load of other species that can be targeted with a fly. Its all there to be discovered. The boat is fast and can reach those little rips that develop at certain times in the tide cycle  quickly, then move on to another feature. The boat also allows access to parts of the shoreline rarely visited. 

What to expect
* Introduction to Salt water fly fishing
* Understanding equipment & tackle
* Basic casts
* Casting tuition
* Practise routines
* Basic fly selection and knots

What it costs
Boat, tackle and guide is £350 per full day for1 or  2 persons and £75 for an additional person. Summer evenings and early mornings  sessions also available at £175>£250

Bookings & Availability
To find out when I'm available or to see if I'm free for your preferred date you can phone me on 07855196332 or email me via the contact page.