Acklyns Island, Bahamas

I have a long standing association with Fidel Johnson, Derek , and the guys at Acklyns Island Bone fish camp. I worked with the guys for a couple of seasons back in the mid nineties and have been back at regular intervals. This is not bone fishing in 4 star  US accommodation style.
The accommodation is clean and comfortable, the food is excellent and the fishing is fantastic. There are no frills and no pressure you can learn about bone fish with out any of that apres fishing pressure in the bar,  no competition no targets.  Fidel and Derek are fine guides and a lot of fun to be out with.
Acklins has extensive flats and back country areas, so many that a lifetimes fishing could not possibly cover them all. The fishing can be conducted from the skiff  or the boat can be used to transport you between flats. Most of the fishing can be walked on good bottoms which is by far the best way to get to know bone fish, and the unique qualities of bone fishing. Acklins has lots of bones, many big bones, Permit and Tarpon as well as a feast of Jacks and other species to pull your string.
Its an adventure in a forgotten corner of our crowded planet that you will never forget. It doesn't come cheap, as all but the very basics of life have to be bought to the island by boat or air. One day the island will be developed and it will be cheaper but it will never be as real and exciting as it is today

What to expect
Pre trip
* Introduction to fly fishing for Bone fish
* Understanding equipment & tackle
* casting in the  wind
* Casting tuition
On the islands
* seeing Bone fish
* Basic fly selection and knots
* Good food and a lot of fun  

What it costs
  7 nights at the lodge 6 days guided fishing  $2750 plus flights ( parties of 4 to 6 )
DIY  available for smaller groups and singles.

Bookings & Availability
Fishing is available in Nov, Jan ,Feb,March,April and later if you like it hot  for your preferred dates you can phone me on 07702 709689 or email me via the contact page.