Fishing Locations
Fresh Water


The chalk downland of Dorset and it's neighboring counties is drained by a special type of freshwater habitat. The chalk streams, springs provide cool clear mineral rich water that provides a wealth of weed and invertebrates  creating good feeding that  grows beautiful wild brown trout and grayling. 

Salt Water

From the beach, fishing tidal gulleys, beaches and rocky foreshores. Alternatively out in a boat searching the reefs and shoals for bass and pollock; drifting among moored boats looking for fry feeding bass & mackerel or fishing the flats & harbor walls for mullet.

International Destinations

Salmon and sea trout fishing in Scottish and Norwegian rivers. Angling for bone fish on the extensive flats and back country of the Bahamas or fish for yellow fish on the Vaal and wild mountain trout in Lesotho, South Africa.