Flats Fishing for Bass & Mullet
Flats fishing puts one in mind of Bonefish and Permit in exotic locations, but flats are everywhere in the oceans and seas of the world. In the UK there are shallow (flats) that can be fished, targeting Bass, Mullet and occasionally Garfish and Mackerel. Good fun in its own right or an affordable preliminary to a foray abroad.

What to expect
* Introduction to Saltwater  fly fishing
* Understanding equipment & tackle
* Basic casts
* Casting tuition
* Practise routines
* Basic fly selection and knots

What it costs
1 day course £175 including all fishing and tackle. (Waders required in cooler months)

Bookings & Availability
To find out when I'm available or to see if I'm free for your preferred date you can phone me on 07855 196 332 or email me via the contact page.