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Vision 1:  Stronger Communities And Safer Streets Begin By Supporting The People And Businesses Who Care And Want To Affect Change:

  • It is no surprise that the most successful communities in Toronto are made up of active Ratepayers Associations, Business Improvement Areas, Community Centres, Houses of Worship, Parent-Teacher Associations and Neighbourhood Watches.  The key to each group is strong leadership and participation, along with a desire to maintain the good and improve the not-so-good.
  • The City of Toronto can only do so much, while Police have limited resources to fight crime.  It is our responsiblity as residents and businesses to participate in maintaining better communities. 
  • Each community has its leaders and active members who do more than average.  They may be retired, have extra time on their hands, donate to worthy causes or simply find pleasure in affecting change in their community.  Not only does it help the community, it helps themselves.
  • Therefore, finding the leaders and active members of Ward 7, supporting their ideas and causes, and recognizing their contribution is the best means of affecting positive change.  As Councillor I would make it my priority to find those people and businesses, and support them in any way possible.
Vision 2:  Identify And Update The Ward's "Quality Of Life" Issues Regularly, Act On Them Progressively, And Never Tolerate Existing Problems:
  • "Quality of Life" issues are things we see around us that can make our day-to-day lives better or worse.  Transit, crime, speeding traffic, clean parks, street noise, garbage and taxes are but a few of many quality of life issues we think about and have to deal with on a daily basis.
  • As an active member of my community I tried to improve many quality of life issues affecting me and my neighbours, including many of the above.
  • As your Councillor and with your help, I will expand the list for the whole Ward, continually update them, deal with them one-by-one, and NEVER tolerate existing problems.

Vision 3:  Stop Complaining and make Ward 7 a true partner in the growth and prosperity of a stronger Toronto and GTA:

  • I was at a meeting recently where the speaker talked about how North York had been a jewel to live in many years ago, but since Amalgamation had lost those advantages.  Toronto's Almalgamation has been used far too often to justify the bad in Ward 7.  Although some of it may be true, it is also spilt milk.
  • Ward 7 must be a true partner with the rest of the City of Toronto (and the GTA) in order to prosper.  Just like Toronto's relationship with Ontario and Ontario's relationship with Canada, the Ward 7 Councillor must ensure that Toronto tax dollars are divided fairly, that access to City resources are similar across Wards, and that residents and businesses continue to prosper and thrive.
  • As your Councillor, I will see that Ward 7 is a true partner with the City and GTA by always emphasizing our advantages, stop complaining about what we don't have and ensure that new dollars earmarked for Toronto make its way up here.

Vision 4:  Ensure Toronto Housing Properties Are Safe, Diverse, Well-Maintained And Its Tenants Always Live In Dignity: 

  • It is sad to think that Toronto Housing properties are not welcome in many communities as neighbours, many tenants live in poorly-maintained and unsafe places, and the City of Toronto continues to build more units while tolerating existing quality standards.
  • Many existing properties have been "ghettoized" (almost all tenants comprised of one ethnic group) to such an extent that it breeds racial tension and unfair stereotyping in the community.  These properties do not blend in with their surroundings and are perceived as a negative element.
  • As landlord, the City of Toronto (through TCHC) must maintain a minimal level of care that is consistent with privately-owned properties.  Not only is it fair to tenants, it also puts less of a strain on the relationship between these properties and its neighbours. 
  • As Councillor, I will ensure that Toronto Housing properties maintain a minimal level of maintenance by fighting on behalf of tenants.  I will also work hard to ensure that tenants do not live in fear, are not put in a ghetto environment and always live in dignity.  As an example, I would welcome TCHC's regular challenge of living in a Toronto Housing property for an extended period of time in order to set an example for all City Councillors and TCHC Management.

Vision 5:  Help Youth By Encouraging Education/Training, Provide Neutral Activity Spaces, Tolerate Their Exuberance And Ensure They Respect Our Communities And Our Laws:

  • None of the above is new or original, but must be emphasized again and again.
  • As adults we must understand that many (but not all) youth will take risks, act in ways beyond our control and show disrespect to many of our laws if given a chance.  We were all young once -- this behaviour is nothing new and typically goes away by adulthood.  
  • What is new, however, is the level of disrespect in our communities caused by a small percentage of troubled youth that makes it difficult for everyone else.  Their bad behaviour continues into adulthood, while City and Police resources are strained trying to control them.
  • As your Councillor I would do everything possible to show that the benefits of good behaviour are always in their best interest.  For every youth lost to bad behaviour are a dozen or more youth that can be encouraged through education, positive activities, tolerance and respect (theirs and ours).  Leading by example is the key factor in minimizing bad behaviour in our youth.

Vision 6:  Increase Voter Participation In Ward 7 City Elections To 50% By 2014:

  • Apathy, perceived lack of results from the City and negative media coverage have resulted in low voter turnout in Ward 7 elections of under 30% (the exception was the election after Amalgamation, which has not been repeated since).  
  • "Get Out The Vote" initiatives tend to fail due to cynicism among the electorate, the inability to connect with "quality of life" issues that drive people to vote, and the lack of knowledge of all candidates running for election in Ward 7.
  • As your Councillor I would do everythng possible to bring voter participation rates up to 50% within 8 years by showing positive results from Visions 1 to 5 above, Promises 1 to 6 & After-Election Initiatives 1 to 8 on the previous page, and give voters the best reason to vote -- its in their best interest and good for all of us.