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My Accomplishments reflect a series of initiatives (successful, not-so successful and pending) that deals with "Quality of Life" issues in my community.  A brief summary of each problem is found below::

Problem 1:  Speeding Cars On Duncanwoods Dr. (And Residential Street Speeding In General)

  • Working with Transportation Services and eventually the Ward 7 Councillor's office, I initiated traffic-calming measures in June 2004 and was able to get speed humps placed on the middle third of the street by June 2005 (the other sections failed due to a low response rate from resident polls).  Although I failed to get another poll initiated in October 2005 (community council voted against it), I will reintroduce the request at January 2007's Etobicoke York Community Council meeting.
  • In the meantime, I have been critical of current traffic-calming policies in Toronto.  I wrote a letter to all City Councillors on June 19, 2006 and to the Works Committee on July 27, 2006, requesting an update to the current policy and take a "community-based" approach to the problem, using the City of Vancouver as a model.
  • My deputation to the Works Committee was made on September 11, 2006.  The Committee passed motions requesting staff to report on a "community-based" approach to traffic-calming and review the current warrants (criteria) used to determine traffic-calming eligibility.

Problem 2:  The Accumulation Of Garbage On Curbs And Private Property

  • Working with MLS Waste, Property Standards, Toronto Housing and eventually Toronto Fire for more than a year, I initiated a series of strategies to stop the visible accumulation of garbage outside two Toronto Housing complexes and catch anyone intentionally dumping.  The result has been garbage pickup three times a week, the building of enclosures to hide any large accumulation of garbage and the eventual installation of cameras to catch individuals dumping.
  • An application was made to Toronto's Clean and Beautiful Department for a recognition certificate of the above initiative in August 2006 (called the "Clean and Beautiful Appreciation Awards").  My application was approved (ie. met the criteria) by the 6-member group and presented to the Ward 7 Councillor for approval in mid-September.  Unfortunately, he vetoed the appreciation certificate, obviously motivated by political factors rather than the accomplishment itself.  In addition, the incumbent is a member of the TCHC Board of Directors and made many failed attempts to deal with the problem that was eventually fixed by myself and the others above.  As a result of the incumbent's actions, the Clean and Beautiful Appreciation Awards approval process will be reviewed for next year.
  • One day in May 2006 I bicycled around my community and reported more than 5% of homes with garbage on their curb to MLS Waste, two days before regular garbage pickup (a common problem).  In a June 2006 meeting with Lenna Bradburn (Executive Director, MLS Waste) I proposed the idea of enacting new bylaws to issue tickets to residents putting garbage on their curb before pick-up day, similar to $25 parking tickets.  A team of garbage trucks would scour the City looking for bylaw infractions, take photos and issue immediate tickets to be added to the owner's tax bill, while picking up unidentified garbage (tickets would fund the project).  In the event that Ms. Bradburn does not act upon this initiative, I will propose this idea to the Works Committee after the election.

Problem 3:  Illegal Use Of Pocket Bikes On Streets, Sidewalks And Other Public Places

  • I started an initiative in late March 2006 to stop illegal pocket bike use in Toronto.  First, I made a deputation to the City's Pedestrian Committee on May 18, asking for Police to be given the power to confiscate pocket bikes, riders to be punished to the fullest extent, and the City make it clear that this activity is not acceptable.  After getting full endorsement, I made another deputation on July 5 to the Works Committee and my initiative (along with other ideas) passed City Council in late July.  A request was made by City Council to Ontario's Ministry of Transportation to include provisions in the Highway Traffic Act to allow the confiscation of pocket bikes by Police.  See "In The News" Section of the website for more information.

Problem 4:  Crime Prevention In My Community

  • Working with the Police and the Crime Prevention Association of Toronto in July 2006, I initiated a Neighbourhood Watch program in my community (Humber Summit).  Still in its infancy, plans are in place to expand the list of participants, establish regular newsletters (email and paper), and coordinate strategies with other existing Neighbourhood Watch programs around 31 Division.