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HMS Formidable is the Royal Navy’s newest aircraft carrier.  Captain Jonathon Hunt has been given command.  He faces the uphill struggle of getting a new and untried machine of war into service and then is almost immediately faced with a major crisis.  A major mineral discovery in a small African republic has led to a potential confrontation.  With both Navy and Air Force Harriers embarked, Jon and his new ship are the only hope for a group of innocent hostages.

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Sea Skimmer: 

Gathering pace quickly from Downing Street to the stinging salt spray of the Southern Ocean, this well executed mix of fact and believable fiction moves well through the awesome swells of South Atlantic and the unfolding conflict. Behind the characters and the events that overtake them lies another predator, the grey, numbingly cold sea which waits patiently for the first slip, hesitation or tired reaction of aircrews. This book is like a good malt, once started, it is quite difficult to put down until finished.
'ought this book from a friends recommendation, and was not disappointed, really enjoyable and "unputdownable" (is that a word). Mr Jeram Crofts past experiences as a Naval aviator shine through in this tale. For those that enjoy "Faction" books I have 3 word for you, "BUY IT NOW.

The Caspian Monster:

'The second John Hunt book sees him caught up in the Cold War. Don't know how much of this is fact based, but another cracking tale ensues. Again we have a book jammed full of daring flights, fights, and a love interest with a twist, all wrapped up in the blanket of the authors experience as a Royal Navy pilot. All ex matelots out there will giggle at the humour, and the book is, in my opinion, exciting and well written, as well as providing an insight into a little publicised "conflict". Another "faction" story, written in a style that keeps you turning the pages, bring on the third!!!'


Larry Jeram-Croft has delivered another lively and exciting adventure in a new setting for his hero Lt Cdr Jonathon Hunt.
Now embarked on a drug-busting deployment to the Caribbean, Jeram-Croft skilfully captures the atmosphere of every-day life as a helicopter flight commander in a modern warship.
Into this setting he weaves an enthralling story of Columbian drug smuggling and international counter measures. With a wealth of authenticity, his imaginative tale is highly convincing, and yet there are enough twists in the plot to keep you glued to the page and guessing the outcome right to the end of the book.
This is another very enjoyable read and I highly recommend it.


Given the author's background in the Royal Navy, or at least the background that he publicly admits to, naval air operations are obviously a subject that he knows a lot about and like his other books, this one reflects that. But I'm wondering. The publication of the book was delayed whilst allegedly the cover was vetted by 'The Powers That Be'. I wonder if it was the cover or the content that was being vetted? Possibly this account is fact with a few names changed which leads me to wonder about some of his other excellent yarns. Maybe they're not yarns after all?
Be that as it may, this is yet another fast-paced, gripping story. The technical details are there as always but LJC explains to the reader what he or he needs to know to appreciate the action without going overboard, no pun intended. I have a feeling that some if not all of Jon Hunt's adventures might just be based on personal experience and there's more to all these books than first meets the eye.
All in all, an excellent read.

Once again the author has shone the spotlight on part of recent military history that has been lost in the mists of recent events. Beirut in the eighties was a mess and this forms the backdrop of yet another can't put down book. The conclusion, in a hijacked cruise liner once again uses Jeram-Crofts knowldege of naval tactics. Its nice to see an element of romance coming into these stories as well. What next?

Bog Hammer:

Larry J-C has demonstrated what an excellent story teller he is with another contemporary ripping yarn. Great "naval dits" and he captures the sense of humour and antics of those in Royal Navy so well. The details within the story add to the richness of the story. A book you cannot put down.
Fantastic material for a great film. I wonder who will be cast as the Jon Hunt and Brian Pearce in any future film. I look forward to the onward and upwards careers of Jon and Brian in the next story. I can't wait.

The stories continue, the action as fast paced, and the authors style keeps you reading. I am amazed more sea authors don't touch upon this period of history. I look forward to their sixth outing.

This is the 1st of this author's books I've read and now I feel I should go back and read the 1st 4, a compelling read.

'I loved this, it had for me all my favourite ingredients for a great read. Romance, historical settings, a gripping plot and a lot of humour. One of those books you can't put down.'
'This book was recommended to me by a friend but I delayed getting it because it was not the type of book that usually appeals...and guess what I absolutely loved it -Jack is gorgeous and I'm fantasising who should play him in the film ( someone please pick this up as a screen play) .. Cannot wait for the sequel.'
 The Guadeloupe Guillotine:
Very much enjoyed the first book, Jacaranda, this sequel is as good if not better. A blend of history and well developed fiction with some sailing thrown in. Thoroughly enjoyable and well written. Recommended.
 Having greatly enjoyed Jacaranda, I was always hoping for a follow up. Especially as Larry does the wibblywobblytimeywimey thing so well, and it all matches up, no gaping holes in continuity. I wanted to know if Charles and Melissa coped in his time with no knock on effects, and its fascinating how it works out! The rest of the story is as usual, gripping, exciting, really funny in parts, and you wont get the ending!
 Excellent read. Imaginative, fast paced, and with a broad perspective. I recommend it, as well as the authors other books
The mark of a good writer is if he or she can venture outside their usual genre and still 'deliver the goods'. LJC has done exactly that in his first foray into SF.  The plot is believable, characters are three-dimensional and the the pace is fast. The moral dilemma presented is thought provoking and the basic premiss of the plot, namely that we are stripping our planet of un-renewable resources is a fact. Once I started reading it I found I finished it in one go even though I had things to do.
A good read and totally different to anything the author has previously published.