The Lost Cave of the Jaguar Prophets

An Adventure Novel 
by Larry C. Simpson
copyright 2007


Read first three chapters and see color versions of the B&W photos from the book:  Lost Cave of the Jaguar Prophets

"Really great!!!  We were hooked right from the first page."- Art Palmer

"A novel should draw you into a special world inhabited by people you care about. From the first page of this book you know this will be the case, and that its going to be a fun ride...."


"An incredibly real illusion! You can almost taste the guano!" --Scoop Johnson, JH News

"A classic road trip that spins out of control weaving through Mayan ruins, rain forests to the Puuc Hills of Yucatan and then Kaleidoscoping from a cave trip into a mind trip, then to the brink of a cliff on the Usamacinta River."

--Seymore Flashbax, Banyo Express

"A dangerous book! It gives terrorism a bad name!"

--Gen. Kaka De Vaca