List of Games

In Residency (5 hours; Jan-Willem Maessen; written by Lizzie Stark)

In Residency is an American Freeform game about the relationship between trauma and art, and about the weird atmosphere of artists’ colonies, where intensely personal daily work rubs up against a claustrophobic cocktail-party environment at night. Brython: it’s where we’re all alone together.

For residents at this elite artists’ colony, Brython represents the chance to live full time as their most secret selves, ignoring everything but their sacred drive to elevate the soul through art. By day, they make art in the beautiful surroundings of a fully staffed mansion, transforming their dark pasts into beauty. By night, they live in a fishbowl of observation and unresolved sexual tension. Will they overcome impostor syndrome to work on the projects they said they would? Will their off-colony relationships survive? Or will it all degenerate into Bacchanalia?

Triple Blind (1 hour; Sarah Tuttle; written by Mike Young)

Fandonia has a traditional hatred for its neighbor Freedonia, and in the past many bloody wars were fought over cities unfortunate enough to be on the border of the two countries. These days it is more like a rivalry, but the hatred runs deep and there are many on both sides who would like the countries to go to war. 

However, we are on the eve of an historic treaty. Literally. There will be a treaty signed tomorrow that promises a joint future for the two countries and perhaps an end to the incessant border squabbling.  Tonight, in anticipation, there is a diplomatic party in the Freedonian Embassy.  It is expected to be a calm, dignified affair, free from any excitement that would disrupt the peace process.

This experimental larp contains 9 characters split into thirds: a cover identity, a secret group, and a base character. The characters are randomly distributed so that even the GM doesn't know who is actually whom. It is a fun, chaotic LARP for people who want to play a game that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Afterlife (2 hours; Samuel Duchovni and Katie Sedlar; written by Samuel Duchovni, Katie Sedlar, Jayson Lynch, and Xavid)

You’re dead. Now what? Turns out the afterlife is more complicated than you thought. Resolve your life and death, and find the right afterlife before it’s too late!  At least you don’t have to worry about dying any more...?

Afterlife is a short, not terribly serious, vaguely existential game about life, death, and what really makes a heaven or a hell.

The Road Not Taken (2 hours; Xavid; written by Mike Young)

When you are lost in the yellow woods of your life, which road will you travel?  The Road Not Taken is an experimental LARP of decisions and emotions. In it, each player will have the opportunity to take the spotlight in a scene and make a tough decision.  The other players in the scene play voices, the inner voices that guide us all when we make decisions.