Our Favorite Novels 


Yep, We Read, And We Like To Talk About Our Favorite Books 


During the year, we have read novels as part of our reading program. Some of the books we read are classics. Others are trade books.  At the end of the year, our teacher asked us to choose our favorite two novels to write about and review.

We have posted our reviews here to help other students choose novels to read. The ones each student has written about are really their favorites. We read them, and we liked them, and now they're here for you!



 Other Novels

6th & 7th Graders   
Mrs. LaRow's English Classes
Iroquois & Van Antwerp Schools
Niskayuna, New York

  • All of the books in these lists were chosen and reviewed by 6th and 7th grade students in Mrs. LaRow's English classes.
  • The list is done "by kids, for kids."
  • The numbers next to the titles indicate the year the book reviews were done.
  • Click on the title to read the student's review of the book.
  • If you see a note next to a title, it means the book was reviewed by more than one student.

If you don't have a book,
Take a moment and have a look.
The adventure starts here,
With books we've read this year.

Teacher asked us what we liked,
Books we read that were delights.
We pondered, and we thought a bit.
Then, we sat down and wrote our picks.