New York StateScavenger Hunt

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Mrs. LaRow's English Classes 

  1. What lakes in New York State have bottom depths below sea level?
  2. West Point is a military academy in New York State. What must you have in order to apply for admission?
  3. What city is the capital of New York? When was it discovered? Who discovered it?
    Bonus Question: Why is this city the capital instead of NY City, which is much larger and the center of trade for the state? (You'll need to do some research on the WEB to answer this. We did not tell you why.)
  4. What is significant about the Adirondack State Park's size? Where is it located in the state?
  5. Where is the Statue of Liberty located? (Use the Map of NY City sites) Tell one significant fact about the Statue of Liberty that most people do not know.
  6. Ellis Island, located in New York City, was once a portal into the United States. It is no longer being used that way. What is Ellis Island important for today?
  7. How does the climate of New York State differ from where you live? List as many ways as you can.
  8. During the American Revolution, which battle was dubbed, "the turning point of the war"? Where is the battlefield located?
    Bonus Question: What was the American Revolution about? Who fought whom and why? (You'll need to do some research on the WEB to answer this, OR
    • Use our LitTrip on My Brother Sam is Dead, an historical novel
    • Use our Webquest on the American Revolution
    • Use our Notebook on the American Revolution
  1. How many countries have a view of Niagara Falls? Tell one interesting fact about Niagara Falls.
  1. There are some "history" links off the NY State Information Page. What are some interesting things you have found out about New York State's history as you read "History for Kids," or "Prior to 1900," or "After 1900"?
  1. What is New York State's "state motto," and what do you think it means?