Collaborative Projects

Global Connections- Projects We Do With Schools Around the World

Scavenger Hunt

  • Learn about New York State as you visit our WEB page.  We have listed information and facts about famous places throughout New York State and New York City. 
  • We will do the same as we visit your WEB page.


  1. Read our WEB page 
  2. Click on the different links for Google Maps, Google Earth
  3. Click on the "information" pages to learn about our community, our schools, and the history of NY
  4. Then, click on the link below to answer questions in the Scavenger Hunt.
Happy Hunting!









Home Page

We have been fortunate to meet students from other countries and other states. During this school year, we have learned about their country or state, their customs, the history of their areas, and have been able to ask questions as we've done live chats or blogs.

We learn about where the other students live. We find that we ask a lot of questions. It's also interesting to know that the time in Singapore is exactly 12 hours different from New York time.

We've also been able to work on some projects together. We've used different tools on the WEB to accomplish this.