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Mrs. LaRow's
English Classes

6th & 7th Grade

New York State:

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  1. Famous Landmarks
  2. Geographical Features
  3. History:
  • American Revolution
  • Erie Canal
  • Adirondack Life


Our Community

Global Connections:

Our Partner Schools:


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  2. Google Docs
  3. Google Maps
  4. Useful Gadgets

Special Projects:

  1. Navy Pen Pal Project
  2. Student Book Reviews

Class Resources:

  1. Links for Skill Practice
  2. Materials for Projects
  3. WEB 2.0 Learning Tools
  4. Class Blogs
  5. Webquests

Collaborative Projects:

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    Welcome to Our Class Page

    1. This page offers information for students and parents. Use the page to find resources on the WEB, class assignments, materials for students, field trip announcements, and links to projects we are doing.

    2. This year, we have gone "global." We have made connections with other schools both within and outside the United States. We are able to learn about other places, their environments, their schools, as well as share projects we are doing. Students are able to work collaboratively on some projects.

    3. Use some of the gadgets to find out interesting information about our companion schools.

    Partner Schools

    1. Livermore Valley, California, USA
    2. Niskayuna, New York, USA
    3. Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
    4. Singapore, Asia

    How Far Away?
    Use the window below to find distances between
    your school and a partner school.

    World Weather
      1. Use the gadget below to get weather reports in your own
        area or other parts of the World.
      2. You can choose Fahrenheit or Celsius