American Revolution 1775-1783

Mrs. Carol LaRow's English Classes

WEB Worksheet 

You can learn more about the American Revolution by visiting these sites on the WEB. Be sure you use the "American Revolution" handout to record important information you are finding. Don't forget to note the sites you use. Directions will be given in class for using Google Notebook online. (Image source)

  1. Start your own "notebook" online to keep track of "quality" sites you've discovered.
  2. Give the notebook a title. As you do your online research, you may wish to add "sections" to your notebook for subtopics (causes of the American Revolution, famous people, battles, etc.)
  3. You may use the full page version of Notebook or the mini Notebook plugin.
  4. As you harvest the urls for each site, be sure to add labels or keywords so you can find sub topics more easily.
  5. Write descriptions for others to read when we share what you've found with classmates. Use the "comments" button


  1. Be sure you have all the handouts: directions, checklists, "how-to" sheets, etc.
  2. Check off steps you've completed on the checklist.
  3. List the names of people in your group.
  4. Don't forget to use at least 3 indicators to check the "validity" and "authenticity" of each site.
  5. Keep an online Google Notebook as shown in class.
  6. Cite your sources.

* Be sure you include one DBQ exercise from the link at the bottom
   entitled, "Causes of the American Revolution - DBQ"



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