Supporting Cast & Crew

Bridal Party

Lynne Danelko
Maid of Honour
Julie's "sister". Julie and Lynne met during their first year at the University of Ottawa, where they were both studying after being selected as pages at the House of Commons. They also lived on the same floor in residence. After first year, they became roommates at their first place on Lees Ave, and again at Beaconwood Village. Their similar small-town upbringing and shared values have brought them close together, to the point where Julie calls her mom "matante" and Julie's parents have adopted her as their "other daughter." Always carrying the prairies and Western Canada in her heart, Lynne hails from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. She plans on becoming an officer in the RCMP, and currently works at the House of Commons.

Colin D.
Best Man
Aidan's older brother. More to follow.
* Colin may not look exactly as shown.

Denise Jeffrey
Julie's other "sister" and guru. She and Denise studied the same program at the University of Ottawa: Honours Bachelor of Arts in History. Due to shared interests, they took many of the same classes where professors mistook them for sisters, time after time, due to their similarities. Both share long, dark, curly hair and both are from Northern Ontario. When their parents actually met at grad, both sets were stunned at the similarities between the two. Careful not to mistake this bridesmaid for the bride! Denise currently works at the University of Ottawa in her chosen career field: Human Resources. 


Gessie M.
GroomsmanAidan and Gessie met during their time at Notre Dame College school in Welland, ON. Gessie pwns everyone with his 1337 skillz and his nerdy knowledge of internet phenomena. Gessie ocassionally likes karaoke. More to follow, as Gessie tells us how to improve his profile. Gessie is currently a student at Brock University.


Colleen D.
Julie and Colleen met during their studies at the University of Ottawa (where they both studied theatre), but really became close when they casted together in Pippin. Although their characters were enemies, they became very close in dealing with their crazy hectic schedules, in discovering their characters and in respect and admiration for each other. Colleen has finished her degree in Theatre, and is working on a college course in Musical Theatre at St. Lawrence College. She works part-time for both Parks Canada and Second Cup. (Picture: Colleen, as her character from Pippin, Fastrada.)

Andrew Stanzel
 Andrew met Aidan and Julie through St. John Ambulance at the University of Ottawa. Andrew and Aidan share a passion for volunteerism and first aid, andJulie worries that they will be talking about the "good old days" at SERRES well into their old age. Andrew currently works as a nurse at the Ottawa General Hospital.


Emily B.
Aidan's niece. Emily didn't like her "matante Julie" very much at first, but came around really quickly once she saw how much they had in common with regards to music and theatre. Cute as a button and very entertaining, this budding actress attends high school in Cantley, QC. She hopes to one day study theatre in New York.



Denis Larose
 Denis is Julie's only (and therefore favourite) brother. Denis has a huge heart and has inherited the interest in classic cars from his dad. He currently works in trucking, and is looking at returning to school in the fall.


Colleen B.
Flower Girl 
Colleen is Aidan's youngest niece. 

 Brendan McD.
Ring Bearer
Brendan (aka Bonhomme) is Julie's godson.