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Good bye party for Rae, Jenna, and Laken

June 2019

Shyra passes her Koala-fyling exam (in one figure)

June 2019

Emory Medical Students Amy Lin, Julia Xia, and Riley Lyons working on collaborative project with Dr. Yousuf Khalifa on treatments for endopthalmitis

May 2019

Lab receives award from Robert Apkarian Electron Microscopy Core for single particle cryo-EM analysis of secreted bacterial toxins

April 2019

Lab attends ASM Southeastern Branch Meeting @ Georgia Tech

November 2018

One year anniversary of lab opening

October 2018

Lab awarded Woodruff Health Sciences Center Synergy award with Jorge Vidal to study the immune response to pneumococci

September 2018

Summer party, and good bye to summer MD students Kayleigh and Danny

July 2018

Inaugural GRC on the Streptococci held in Sunday Harbor

July 2018

ASM Microbe 2018 brings all the microbiology to Atlanta

June 2018

Lab starts collaborating with biotech to develop antibacterial drugs

March 2018

Lab awarded grant K22 AI130223 from the NIAID for “IL-1 regulation of group A Streptococcus infection”

February 2018

Lab volunteers at Fernbank Museum of Natural History for the exhibit "Meet Your Microbes - The Secret World Inside You" (link to New York Times review)

February 2018

Lab opening!

October 2017