July 2018

Raedeen joins the lab for her postdoctoral studies! 
 July 2018

 KayLeigh and Danny return to medical school  :(
 June 2018

ASM meeting brings many visitors to town
  June 2018

 Jenna joins the lab!
  June 2018

Danny joins the lab for the summer!
 May 2018
Jacob joins the lab!
 May 2018KayLeigh joins the lab for the summer!

 April 2018Shyra completes rotation... and stays for her Ph.D!
 April 2018Lab collaborates with Antabio to develop antibacterial resistance-breaking drugs
 March 2018Lab awarded NIH grant K22 AI130223 for “IL-1 regulation of group A Streptococcus infection”

 February 2018Lab volunteers at Fernbank Museum of Natural History  for the exhibit "Meet Your Microbes - The Secret World Inside You" (link to New York Times review)

February 2018 

Shyra rotates from the MMG program!
 January 2018Lab joins Emory Microbiology and Molecular Genetics (MMG) graduate training program

November 2017Doris joins the lab!

 October 2017 Grand Opening  (& unboxing equipment, slowly..)