Information for Presenters

1) Abstract: The abstract needs to contain a title, a list of authors and coauthors (presenter, coauthor, advisor), and a brief description of the talk. Include figures or schemes if wanted. The abstract should not exceed on page. Submit your abstract to as a word file.

2) Timing: Each presentation should be 10 minutes long, followed by 5 min discussion. Practice your talk so you can be sure to stay within the time limit. All presentations should be in digital format (powerpoint). Before your session begins, please setup your laptop computer for the talk or to copy your talk from a memory stick. During the presentation feel free to use the chalkboard.

3) Getting Started: Start your presentation by introducing yourself and by giving the title of your talk. Then spend a little time on why you became interested in this topic, and talk about the scientific background of your research. Assume that your listeners do not know anything about the subject, but want to understand more about it. Then mention the specific questions you hoped to address with your research. Describe the methods you used. Show the data you obtained, and discuss it in terms of the wider context (results from the literature, results by others). Finally, draw conclusions from your data and present an outlook on how this project should be continued. Try to be enthusiastic about your presentation and try to get the audience excited.

4) Scientific presentation format: Scientific presentations generally begin with an introduction, followed by a description of methods, and the presentation of the results (including data), and their interpretation. Presentations end with a brief conclusion.

5) Commitment: On the morning of the conference, please register at the front desk in the conference room. For the presentations, please be on time and treat your fellow students with respect. Be attentive and ask questions.