The DeSantis DREAM Lab is focused on conducting interdisciplinary research aimed at understanding ecological and evolutionary responses to global change, at a variety of spatial and temporal scales.  Specifically, we use modern, historic, and fossil records to inform ecologists and conservation biologists about floral and faunal responses to climate change.  Short-term ecological and geochemical studies provide the framework from which we can understand how stable isotopes and dental microwear record floral and faunal dynamics, while clarifying the ecology of extant mammals.  The fossil record subsequently extends the temporal scale at which we can ask questions pertaining to competition, long-term responses to environmental change, and conditions facilitating species-level extinctions. 

Our research continually integrates the fields of ecology and evolution, with a focus on answering the following questions:
1) How have forest environments influenced mammalian ecology and evolution?
2) How has climate change affected mammalian communities and their floral environments?
3) How can we improve our understanding of the paleoecology and paleobiology of mammals through the integration of ecological, macroecological, geochemical, dental microwear, and morphological analyses? 

Collectively, we are building an active research program that asks interdisciplinary questions of relevance to ecologists, evolutionary biologists, and conservationists with a focus on the ecology and evolution of mammalian communities and their environments during the Cenozoic.