Hi, my name is Larinda Loch and I am an early childhood educational specialist and Suzuki piano teacher based in Stirlingshire. I have been teaching now for 25 years. I studied performance and teaching at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (now known as the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland) and am accredited by the European Suzuki Association to teach Suzuki piano. I teach from beginner to Grade 8, advance, conservatoire and university levels.After reading 'Nurtured By Love' by Dr Shinichi Suzuki I decided to go to London to the British Suzuki Institute to observe the method in action. I was so impressed I immediately signed up to train as a Suzuki Teacher.I have been teaching Suzuki piano now since 1996, initially in East Kilbride and later in Vancouver Canada for 5 years. Since moving back to Scotland in 2010 I have been teaching in my new home of Dennyloanhead. The Suzuki Method converts the wonderful potential of every child into a fun and exciting skill at the piano. It works so well because it relies on structured listening, repetition, but most of all a loving and safe environment with the teacher, student and parent forming a strong triangle that encourages the child to achieve their potential.The child achieves confidence through emphasis on positive reinforcement and frequent group lessons; during which they get to practice performance and teamwork. The emphasis is on listening; in much the same way that a person best picks up language skills through immersion in that language, so the Suzuki Method helps mitigate the tedium of practice by first placing the tune inside the student's head. Thus they are not learning the song at the piano but learning how to express the song they already know in the wonderful medium of music.