Largest Dog Breeds

The Irish Wolfhound is the biggest dog in the world.
It looks magnificent and worthy of respect. Wolfhound is a strong, smart, incredibly lightweight and agile breed. The head is long, with dark eyes and small ears. Proudly holding his head in a very strong and muscular neck. The chest is very deep and broad, his stomach is tight, the paws are large and round with a very strong, curved claws. The hair is long and hard all over the body and legs. Especially hard and long to reach beyond the head where the eyes and lower jaw. Permissible colors: gray, red, black, pure white, fawn. Height 81 cm to 86 cm, weight less than 55 kg. Grey giant from green island was trained to combat the wolves who attacked the horses on Irish pastures. It is worth today. They needs a balanced master. Cohabitation is simple though Wolfhound dog is not for everyone. Food for the huge dog, especially in the first 18 months, it is very expensive. He needs lots of space, and don't like to live in an apartment. Of the ten weeks it need every day walking along the bike to develop physically well. He can follow you on the horse ride. He is a good keeper because of its size. He does not need special education. Run up to 40 km/h.

Great Dane is a huge dog.
If your motto is "bigger is better" here's your dog. Great dane is harmoniously built dog with elegant movement. Has a distinct head. The coat is short, smooth and shiny in six different colors: black, brindle, black and white, harlequin color and black and blue. Height at least 80 cm, weight less than 85 kg. Puppies are born white and only later get their spots. This condition applies to all blue-eyed dogs without depending on size and breed. As far as the skeleton is important, these dogs must have a certain weight for the breed standard, because excessive weight leads to dislocation  hips, elbows and knees. They're wonderful as pets and are often called gentle giants because of their good nature. This dogs never live longer than about 7 years. The first dogs of Europe's largest breed appeared in 1876 at the dog show in Hamburg. They are pleasant and not harsh, but feels uncomfortable if a lot of people is around him. When a well-behaved and lives with the family he is a pleasant, charming and affectionate dog, excellent friend and an excellent keeper.

English Mastiff is a large, massive and powerful dog.
The body is wide and long with a deep chest and well-developed muscles. The ears are thin, hung and tight fit to your head. The tail and ears are not cropped. The eyes are bright. Height of at least 76 cm. Weight less than 75 Kg.Jaws, muzzle and ears are completely black, and his eyes were black and hemmed. The hair is short and close. The hair on the shoulders, neck and back is hard. The hair color of the highlighted yellow through apricot (apricot), to silver and striped. The bite is strong. The English Mastiff dogs are a balanced, compassionate and love to family members. When living in isolation can quickly become dangerous for everyone, even for the owner. There is several English breeding lines with character weaknesses. It is not defense dog. Mastiff is naturally able to estimate the hazard because the defense training is not necessary. Like all cats of this group insensitive to disease. Not afraid of bumps and such treatment becomes more aggressive. Purchase and maintenance is expensive especially in the first year of life when it is necessary to eat large quantities of high quality food.  The average life span of English Mastiff is 10-12 years.