The 1st NIPS Workshop on Large Scale Computer Vision Systems

December 10, 2016, Barcelona, Spain

The 1st NIPS Workshop on Large Scale Computer Vision Systems invites paper contributions addressing some of the challenges arising from the unprecedented adoption of Computer Vision to numerous real world applications processing billions of "live" media content daily, with special focus on video.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to

A. Large Scale Computer Vision Systems

  • Efficient data collection (smart sampling, weak annotations)
  • Performance evaluation in the wild (long tails, embarrassing mistakes, calibration)
  • Incremental learning and systems evolving gradually in complex environments (new data, new categories, federated architectures)
  • Handling tradeoffs: Computation vs Accuracy vs Supervision
  • Heterogeneous outputs (binary predictions, embeddings)
  • Machine learning feedback loops
  • Minimizing technical debt as system matures
  • On-device vs Cloud vs Split Computation
  • New datasets and tasks

B. Video Understanding

  • Event detection
  • Summarization
  • Multi-modal content understanding
  • High-level semantic classification

Instructions for Authors

Submissions must be short papers in NIPS format and consist of a maximum of 4 pages (excluding references). Author names do not need to be anonymized. Submissions must represent new work, i.e., work that has not been previously published or accepted for publication. However, papers that expand previous related work by the authors and papers that have appeared on non peer-reviewed websites (such as arXiv) or that have been presented at workshops (i.e., venues that do not have a publication proceedings) are acceptable. Accepted papers will be presented as posters or contributed talks.  Authors of accepted papers will be asked to post their submissions on arXiv. The workshop website will provide links to the accepted papers on arXiv. Accepted papers will be considered non-archival, and may be submitted elsewhere (modified or not). The submission process will be conducted using an online submission system:


We will present awards for both best submission and best poster

Invited speakers

  • Cordelia Schmid, INRIA
  • Abhinav Gupta, CMU
  • Raquel Urtasun, University of Toronto
  • Zehan Wang, Twitter
  • Antonio Torralba, MIT

Program Committee
  • Jia Deng, University of Michigan
  • Florent Perronin, Xerox
  • Dumitru Erhan, Google
  • Christian Zsegedy, Google
  • Chuck Rosenberg, Google
  • Alex Toshev, Google
  • Fei Yang, Facebook
  • Vignesh Ramanathan, Facebook
  • Zhicheng Yan, Facebook
  • Peter Vajda, Facebook
  • Ning Zhang, Snapchat
  • Kevin Tang, Snapchat
  • Boqing Gong, UCF

  • Lorenzo Torresani, Dartmouth
  • Gal Chechik, Google
  • Du Tran, Facebook
  • Manohar Paluri, Facebook
  • Dario Garcia, Facebook

Important Dates

  • Submission deadline: October 15th, 2016
  • Notification of Acceptance: October 24th, 2016
  • Workshop date: December 10, 2016