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version history


                    Work on the Large Numbers Site (LNS) began on June 10th of 2008. Then on December 9th, 2008 the LNS was officially launched. Since then the website has been under slow but almost constant updates and developments. To keep track of the various versions of the web book content I began giving version numbers to the book. Below is a table of versions of the book for every major update since the inception of the site until the present version.

 DateVersion  Changes
2008.12.09alpha 0.0.0Website and Web book is publicly released and the first draft of Section I is available.
2008.12.16alpha 0.0.1 Article on small primes is expanded to include first 200 prime numbers.
2008.12.24alpha 0.0.2New article "Number Survey" added
2008.12.31alpha 0.1.0Section II Chapter 1 is released for first time
2009.01.07alpha 0.1.1"small primes" article updated again.
2009.03.04alpha 0.2.0Section II Chapter 2 homepage is created
2009.07.29alpha 0.2.1Revised Chapter 1.1 homepage
2009.08.11alpha 0.3.0Chapter 2.2 release version
2010.10.10alpha 1.0.0Chapter 3.1 released with first article
2010.10.11alpha 1.1.0Chapter 2.3 released with first article
2010.11.11alpha 1.1.1 Revising of Chapter 1.1
2010.12.11alpha 1.1.2 "A Definition of the Counting Numbers" and "Jacob's Ladder" are added to the content for Chapter 1.1
2010.12.27alpha 1.2.0 Chapter 2.4 released with a few articles
2011.06.03alpha 1.2.1 Article 3.1.4, "Plexing and the Googol Series" is released
2011.06.06alpha 1.2.2 Site Undergoing renovation. Homepage is cleaned up. 
2011.06.14alpha 1.2.3 New article "The Fz, The Fuga, and The Megafuga" added to 3.1 
2011.06.27alpha 1.2.4 New article "Russ Rowlett's Greek Based -illions" added to 2.4 
2011.06.30alpha 1.2.5 New introduction and "Prof. Henkles' million -illions" added to 2.4 
2011.08.19alpha 1.2.6 "Jonathan Bowers' -illion Series" added to 2.4 
2011.11.19alpha 1.2.7 "Hyper-E" article released for 3.1 
2011.11.24alpha 1.3.0Chapter 1.1 broken into 1.1 and 1.2
2011.12.10alpha 1.4.0 Chapter 3.1 broken into 3.1 and 3.2 
2012.01.23alpha 1.4.1 "Ascending with Up-Arrows" article added to 3.2 
2012.02.10alpha 1.5.0 Appendix and Communication center split, and new "Large Number List" created. 
2012.03.02alpha 1.5.1"Skewes' Numbers" article added to 2.3
2012.03.24alpha 1.6.0New Chapter 3.3 and first article "Pandemonium with Power Towers" included.
2012.08.21alpha 1.6.1Hyper-E Notation article is updated
2012.09.09alpha 1.6.2  New article, "The Mayan Numerals" added to 1.2
2012.10.08alpha 1.6.3 Completed detailed sub-article on a googol-bang 
2012.11.01alpha 1.6.4 New article, "The Mega" added to 3.2 
2012.12.24alpha 1.6.5 Bowers' 2002 website archived in the Appendix 
2013.01.11alpha 1.7.0 Public launch of Section IV 
2013.01.22alpha 1.8.0  New Chapter, 4.2, and released of "Cascading-E Notation" article 
2013.01.24alpha 1.8.1 The LNL has been broken into a small and large number list and has been color coded.
2013.02.05alpha 1.8.2small numbers list now includes negative numbers, and LNL Part II is released. 
2013.02.06alpha 1.8.3 "Forbidden List of Infinite Numbers" released 
2013.02.15 alpha 1.8.4 New article, 3.2.10 , "Graham's Number" is released for chapter 3.2
2013.02.23alpha 1.8.4 New article, "Surveying the Cosmos" added to 2.1 
2013.07.30alpha 1.8.5 LNL hits 1000 entries
2013.10.12alpha 1.9.0Chapter 4.2 - The Fast Growing Hierarchy is released. Extensible-E Chapter moved to 4.3
2013.10.25alpha 1.9.1New article "FGH up to Cantor's Ordinal" is released for 4.2
2013.12.04alpha 1.9.2New article "FGH up to Gamma-Naught" is released for 4.2
2014.01.30alpha 1.9.3 Extended Cascading-E Notation introduced 
2014.04.29alpha 1.9.4Added article on "Andre Joyce" to 3.2
2014.05.08alpha 1.9.5 First upgrade to xec_numbers2, the introduction of Solidus-E Notation 
2014.05.21alpha 1.9.6 Added "A Theorem for Knuth Arrows" to Appendix C
2014.05.24alpha 1.9.7 Added a bunch of entries to LNL from the "My Number is Bigger" blog competition. 
2014.09.09alpha Massive upgrade to Hyper-E and Extended Hyper-E Numbers, and many new entries are added to LNL 
2014.09.23alpha Upgraded version of E^ Numbers
2014.10.09alpha ExE related content is gathered into 4.3
2014.10.30alpha Numbers 2nd upgrade 
2014.11.12alpha Hyper-E Numbers 2nd upgrade
2014.11.20alpha Cascading-E Numbers 2nd upgrade 
2015.03.03alpha Extended Cascading-E Numbers upgraded. There are now 15,610 official googolism's in ExE 
2015.03.27alpha Added proof that E# is of order-w in FGH 
2015.03.30alpha Added Appendix D, the Axioms of Googology 
2015.04.04alpha Spoof articles are now archived in Appendix E
2015.08.04alpha Index is now added to book
2015.08.07alpha New preface is added to book
 2016.10.10 alpha Disclaimer added
 2016.10.11 alpha all currently known mersenne primes added to ULNL.
 2016.10.19 alpha all currently known perfect numbers added to ULNL.
 2016.10.25 alpha USNL and ULNL fused to form the UFNL. 
 2016.12.13 alpha Added to Appendix. 
 2017.01.05alpha New Introduction "Welcome to the Numberscape" added. 
 2017.01.25alpha Added Lawrence Hollom's Website to list of Additional Links in Appendix G.