FOR 2017

            It may not seem like much is happening so far this year, but behind the scenes I have already been researching and working to bring about new content for the web book. I have one overarching goal, at least for the immediate future and the beginning of 2017: I want to improve the overall quality of the web book. What this means practically is jumping around a lot through the different chapters and fixing inconsistencies, improving existing content with updated information, filling in missing areas, and just giving it an all around more coherent flow. This is, realistically, an ongoing project that is just part of the sites basic maintenance, however it is often true that overall quality is ignored in favor of publishing exciting new articles as quickly as possible. This has been a problem for many years now. However since last year I took my first real "break" in years, it kind of as allowed me to hit the reset button mentally and look at my website overall with some fresh insight.

            This initiative to improve the overall quality is already underway. When will it actually make a notable change in the publicly available content? I might be able to publicly release new content in as little as another month or two. My hope is to tell a more coherent story about how we go from really simple ideas to eventually arrive at a fully developed "field" of googology. Stay tuned for 2017, and keeping counting...