One year and two days ago I announced that I would put this web site on a one-year hiatus to work on a "second project". The deadline is now here and work on the second project was still not completed. As promised I will reactivate my web site with one small caveat: I intend to now share time between my website and my second project by alternating between them, devoting equal time to each. I'd like to believe I could still manage the same work load but practically speaking this will definitely make it harder to maintain the same pace. Despite this I intend to surpass some old benchmarks. At very least I'd like to get more work done on this site this year than I have accomplished over the last two years (2015-2016) where activity was beginning to wane. I can't promise it will reach the peak of activity that was seen the two prior years (2013-2014), but hopefully something close.

            Originally it was my intention not to even touch the website for a full year, however around August I found that my website had been disabled. I reactivated it and it was again disabled shortly after. I suspect that it was the inactivity that caused it to become deactivated. There was no sign that my website was in any way tampered with. Because of that I decided that I had to maintain at least some minimal level of activity to keep my site going. During that time I came up with the arrangement of alternating between my website and my "second project". This pattern has continued until the present. I believe this new regime is a good way to encourage me to treat each project fairly and get work done on both, instead of one or the other completely taking over, so I plan to continue this alternation strategy indefinitely until at least one project is complete (most likely the second project).

            For those curious about the nature of this "second project", it is still early in development. When more is complete I may eventually make this project publicly known. Stay Tuned ...