For the time being I am putting further development of my website on hiatus. Although updates are infrequent I usually contribute several hours of work to the website every week, building up material for large releases. So while the website may seem to be inactive most of the time, in actuality its generally being developed 24/7/365. As of late however all work on the website has ceased, so I felt it was time to make it official: The website is on a one-year hiatus. This is not the first time this has happened: from 2009 to 2010 the website went dormant, only to come back even better than before. This does NOT mean the website is going to be abandoned. Rather I will simply not be working on it for the time being. When I do return to work on the site I will make another announcement.

                    For quite a long stretch now the LNS has been my primary pet project and has taken up the majority of my free time. My personal logs confirm that work on the site has gone almost completely uninterrupted at least from 2013 to August of 2015 (the longest stretches of inactivity were 6 weeks, but almost every week during this time period something was being contributed to the site). It was around the end of 2012 that I made an overall commitment to contribute something to the site every week. Understandably other pet projects have taken a toll as a result. The LNS has probably been the largest and most expansive pet project I've ever worked on, but it is hardly my only one. Another long standing project exists that goes back before the inception of the website, and in fact had it's beginnings around the same time that I began my internet research into large numbers in 2004. Like the LNS it has been a project which has grown and grown without a clear end in sight. Both projects have competed with each other to some extent for time, though the website has taken priority more often than not. Incidently much of the inactive periods during the time from 2013 to 2015 were brief respites to work on this other project. Work on it has been very slow as a result. However as of late I have been getting very close to completing it. I have therefore decided to shift focus onto my second project until it is complete. I have given myself this one year (2016) as the final deadline for completion. To remain focused I have decided to put all my time into completing it. Therefore until it is completed I will not be making contributions to the LNS. If I complete it before 2016 ends, then I will return to the LNS immediately. So the hiatus may end up being as short as a few months optimistically. On the other hand it might take most of the year, or I may not even finish it in time. Regardless, if it takes more than a year, then I will cease work on the second project to again devote time to the LNS. So I will not allow the hiatus to extend beyond one-year. It is my hope however, to not only finish my second project, but to do so in a timely fashion and be back to work on the LNS as soon as possible. In any case I have made my audience privy to the situation.

                    I would like to thank my enthusiastic fans for their interest in my work. It has been a great encouragement. I reiterate my commitment to the LNS and its continued growth ad infinitum or until I have covered every conceivable topic in googology, whichever comes first. I have always been in it for the long haul. I am prepared to work on it for many years to come. There maybe occasional detours ... free time is very much contingent on the circumstances of ones larger life, and there are many things I'd like to accomplish creatively in this one brief lifetime ... but I intend to keep returning to my site indefinitely. Maybe one day I'll stand back and say ... this monster is big enough ... but not today ... just a little bigger ... it's the googologist's mantra after all ... :P

Keep Counting,