Plans for 2014

                    My Large Number Site has grown to truly biblical proportions in the 5 years since it's inception. The Large Number Site now contains a sprawling 1500+ pages of content written with over 1.8 million characters, broken up into some 50+ articles! It's seems an appropriately gargantuan tome for a subject all about gigantic numbers ... and it is still far from complete! Here are some plans for the LNS for 2014...

                    First and foremost I plan to revise a great deal of the early material in Section I and some of Section II. This material dates all the way back to the inception of the site and very few improvements have been made to it over the 5 years of my sites development. The 5 year mark seems to be a significant enough milestone to do some serious revamping to the site. Expect a reboot of Section I sometime during 2014.

                    Next on the itinerary will be the addition of several topics which until now have not been added. Amazingly, despite discussing some much more recursive functions I've yet to discuss Chain arrows. This year I'm planning to remedy this by writing an article on Conway Chain Arrows, demonstrating how much more powerful it is than Graham's function, and following up with some articles on Extended Chain Arrow notations. I'd also like to discuss the megiston and moser from Steinhaus-Moser Polygon Notation.

                    Perhaps the most exciting news for the coming year is that I am planing to release some articles on what is perhaps the most central subject of googology: Jonathan Bowers' Exploding Array Function, or BEAF for short. As of yet no one has provided a completely formal definition of Legion arrays. The person who has come closest to realizing this is Chris Bird, but his notation does not completely solve the mystery of what Bowers' array-spaces are and where they fall along the fast-growing hierarchy and other notations. The large Number community has been debating the size of Legion arrays for sometime and even to this day a definitive answer has not been forth coming. I plan to start shedding some light on this mystery in 2014.

                    Lastly there is the future release of Section V. Provided I can make significant progress on Sections 1 through 4, there is a chance that Section V may be released sometime in late 2014. Section V will go beyond even recursive super-structures and bring us at long last to the final frontiers of googology...

Keep counting ...


-- Sbiis , The Megalo-arithmologist