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Service Announcements & Future Development

" We can't know the future but we can know our intent "

-- Sbiis Saibian

Purpose and layout of this Page 
                    The purpose of this page is for me to express goals and future plans that pertain to this website. It is also a place for me to make service announcements which concern the status of the website. This information is made available to my users so that they can stay informed about my intentions and overall vision in regards to this website.
                    Every so often I will make an announcement of some sort, either about my plans for future development, or current concerns and announcements of new content. Announcements are listed below by date:

                    If you have a question about anything related to the content of this site, or linked sites on the subject of large numbers, or mathematics in general feel free to email me at ...

sbiissaibian[ ]

( substitute @aol.com in place of [ ] )

                    If you want to make a point or debate something that is fine also. If you want help with something related to mathematics I can try my best to help you find an answer or better understand a concept. However, my mathematical background is limited to Calculus II and below.

                    Thanks for visiting, and be sure to return to see what's new ...

                    'til then, Keep Counting ...


                    -- Sbiis Saibian , The Large Number Enthusiast

2010.12.11 22:01 Sat
Future Goal
    Improve content in ch 1 - 1, and complete ch 2 - 4
2010.12.11 21:50 Sat
    New content and new design plan. See comment for 10.12.11 for more information.
2009.04.07 16:48 Tue

 Website now on probationary status. New content is currently being generated.

2009.03.28 21:54 Sat

 Website officially reactivated after 9 weeks on hiatus.

2009.01.24 10:45 Sat

 Website is now on temporary hiatus. Await announcement for reactivation.

2009.01.10 15:56 Sat
 No updates for at least 3 weeks from 2009.01.06 Tue.
2008.12.06 12:31
Future Goal

    Publish a completed Section II