Large German Shepherd Breeders in Pennsylvania

Large German Shepherd BreedersGiant German ShepherdsGiant German Shepherds
Large German Shepherd Breeders in Pennsylvania

Large German Shepherd Breeders in Pennsylvania - Pioneer German Shepherds

Large German Shepherd Breeders in Pennsylvania - Giant German Shepherd puppies

German Shepherd puppies for sale

Large German Shepherd puppies for sale

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Long coat German Shepherd breeders


Please click on the flashing sign to contact us about our litter of large German Shepherd puppies from large German Shepherd breeders. We have been told by people that some of our large German Shepherds are the biggest German Shepherds they have ever seen, so please be aware of this.

Pioneer German Shepherds breeds sweet-tempered short and long coat German Shepherd Dogs that are oversized with a laidback temperament. We do NOT breed for the show ring or working animals, but instead the ideal family companion.  Puppies are whelped indoors and raised underfoot in our home with lots of love. Please note, our dogs are not typical German Shepherd Dogs!  Our dogs are considered oversized, with males averaging 28-32"+ at the shoulder, 100-140+ pounds.  Females can average 25-28"+, 85-100+ pounds.  We strive to breed calm animals with low to medium drive, and our dogs have much less angulation than the typical shepherd. German Shepherd puppies for sale only occasionally, to select companion homes.

As large German Shepherd breeders, we will have solid black German Shepherds, white German Shepherds (yes, they are LARGE white German Shepherds!), bicolors as well as the traditional black and tan large German Shepherd puppies occasionally available in both short and long coats.

Please note, we are large German Shepherd breeders, NOT Shiloh Shepherd breeders or King Shepherd breedersShiloh Shepherds and King Shepherds are similar to our large German Shepherds but are NOT the same, we only have large German Shepherds.

Large German Shepherd puppyLarge White German Shepherd female

Large German Shepherds produced by Pioneer Shepherds

World's largest German Shepherd

Our extra large German Shepherd puppies come with an extensive contract and 2 year guarantee which does not require a pup to be returned, first shots, vet checkup, dewormed, as well as registration papers upon proof of spay/neuter as per our contract. We do not sell breeding animals (please do not ask!) and require that if a pup cannot be kept, he/she is returned to us.  Health testing on parents may include OFA and/or Pennhip, now doing OFA elbows, TLI testing for exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, our males we use at this time have been tested as normal, clear NON-CARRIERS of degenerative myelopathy, AKC DNA profiled.

We are located in central Pennsylvania about 8 miles north of Gettysburg, about 1 hour or less from the Baltimore area, and approx. 2 hours from both the Philadelphia and the Washington DC area.

For more information about our dogs and upcoming litters, see our website at -

Contact us by going to our website at , via email at or by calling us at 717-677-6451.

Degenerative Myelopathy Information Below

Degenerative Myelopathy FREE German Shepherds - DM Clear German Shepherd Pups!

Please contact us regarding availability of degenerative myelopathy free German Shepherd puppies. Degenerative myelopathy is a progressive, debilitating spinal condition in which a dog loses mobility in his or her hind end, resulting in paralysis. Per OFA's statistics, almost 20% of German Shepherds tested have been determined to have the genes indicating "at risk" for degenerative myelopathy.

Our breeding males have been tested as clear non-carriers of degenerative myelopathy, what this means is regardless of the female the male is bred to, the puppies will NOT be "at risk" for degenerative myelopathy, meaning they will not have this disease. Some of our females have also been tested as clear non-carriers of degenerative myelopathy, so depending on the breeding, puppies will be completely (N/N) normal!

*** Note, not only are our dogs health tested, they are also considered oversized German Shepherds (we are large German Shepherd breeders who focus on the old fashioned German Shepherd look, not the show appearance). Males may be too big for some, as they can usually average 28"+ and 100-140+ pounds. Females can range from 26"+ and 80-110+ pounds.

To read more about OFA's degenerative myelopathy test, please see

degenerative myelopathy clear German Shepherd breeders | degenerative myelopathy free German Shepherds

Big German Shepherds - Big German Shepherds from Big German Shepherd Breeders

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140 lb German Shepherd

Pictured above is Nero, at 2 1/2 years of age and over 140 lbs. We have produced more than a few 140 pound German Shepherds, with the range being anywhere from 85 to over 140 pounds at maturity. Our large German Shepherds are also extremely healthy.

For a video overview which gives a bit more information about us and our large German Shepherds, please see our Large German Shepherds on Youtube!

Some other videos including Giant Long Coat German Shepherd Ash can be seen at our Youtube page at

Check us out on Myspace too! Our link is

Some more videos of our dogs

A sampling of our dogs. You can check out even more by visiting our Long Coat German Shepherds Channel on Youtube at

- Giant Long Coat German Shepherd Ash

- Giant German Shepherd Puppy Abe

- Solid Black German Shepherd Puppy Singing + Howling 23 days

- Old Fashioned German Shepherds - Old Style German Shepherds

Big German Shepherds - Big German Shepherds from Big German Shepherd Breeders

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    Giant German Shepherds | Big German Shepherds | Giant German Shepherd puppies

    DM free German Shepherd breeder,  degenerative myelopathy free German Shepherds

    German Shepherd puppies for sale

    German Shepherd puppies for sale | German Shepherds for sale | German Shepherd kennels |German Shepherd breeders

    German Shepherd puppies for sale

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