Large Fork And Spoon Wall Decoration

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large fork and spoon wall decoration - Fork and
Fork and Spoon Wall Decor - Set of 2
Fork and Spoon Wall Decor - Set of 2
Truly a classic kitchen staple, the oversize Fork and Spoon Wall Decor - Set of 2 are a fun accent to your home. The iron construction is built to last, while the varied colors in the distressed finishes give a timeless appeal. Bring a fresh new element of whimsy to your walls. About IMAX What began as a small company importing copper flower containers in 1984 by Al and Faye Bulak has developed into one of the top U.S. import companies serving the At Home market today. IMAX now provides home and garden accessories imported from twelve countries around the world, housed in a 500,000 square foot distribution center. Additional sourcing, product development and showroom facilities in the USA, India and China make IMAX a true global source. They're dedicated to providing products designed to meet your needs. This is achieved through a design and product development team that pushes creativity, taste and fashion trends - layering styles, periods, textures, and regions of the world - to create a visually delightful and meaningful environment. At IMAX, they believe style, integrity, and great design can make living easier. Constructed from high-quality iron. Finished in antiqued pink and blue. Features a scalloped pattern spoon and fork. Set of 2 wall decors.

Decorations on an Aussie Christmas Tree. (Banksia branch & a can of Santa Snow :-))
Decorations on second floor of a mansion on Market Street in Wichita Kansas.