Our team

The ovreall team will count 4 educators and a couple of part time consultants. We focus here on the management of the team.

Director and founder, Jérôme Angles

A life, an ambition, a project

My name is Jérôme Angles, I am an engineer by profession and I went into marketing after studying management. My professional life has leaded me a number of different countries. This experience allowed me to discover the different “worlds” of early childhood within different cultures and languages. After becoming a dad myself, I have been extremely lucky to share magical moments with my children as they were immersed into different cultures. Their natural curiosity, adaptability, eagerness to learn and discover opens up the world to our children. Their capabilities allow them to pass above the barriers of language and allow them to enjoy this journey in a fun, pleasurable way. La Tour de Babille is my desire to re-create this atmosphere of exchange, listening and discovery by choosing professionals of different nationalities.

Respect for children by listening to their parents

I myself experienced the great upheaval, as do other parents when they decide to continue their professional life alongside that of their family. The difficulties can mount up and parents can often end up only rarely being able to make the most of the time spent with their children. My belief is to respect the children in being there to listen to and understand the constraints experienced by the parents. Our policy offers the flexibility of hours at unsociable times (beginning and end of the day) to meet the needs of parents regarding their professional obligations.

Understanding the local needs for a crèche

Understandably, the opening of a crèche depends on the results of a market research project in relation to childcare needs locally. The results of the latter are then presented to the administration bodies that give the authority to open a crèche.

Investing in a crèche, investing in our future

Early childhood is in no way a neutral topic as it does embody our collective future as a society. Hence it does appear logical to me to call for private investors aware of the reach and the social impact of the overall project. Don´t hesitate to contact us if you wish to get more involved.

Director, Tina Greig

My name is Tina Grieg, I am 40 year old, I am a registered nurse with a career in care spanning over 20 years, with additional qualifications un childcare and working with children and their families. 

I came to work with Jerome at his first day nurseryas a staff member and got promoted to work alongside the director.
This then enabled me to progress into Management making me the Nursery Director I am today. I am extremely passionate about making a difference to the families and children coming to our nursery and watching them develop into strong, confident individuals we encourage them to be.

I believe in nurseries in which both the children and team are encouraged to reach their full potential. My mission is to create a culture where our team are valued and supported to grow and develop and this is key in order for us not to become complacent as Practitioners.