Laptop Cart Orientation

There are two parts to the orientation requirement to use the carts: 

Part 1 - Look over and read this site in its entirety. 
Part 2 - Participate in a session outlining the use of the cart . This can  be completed in a number of ways. 

A. The first is you can meet with a responsible person who is housing a cart in your building. Ask them to explain how the cart works. Remember, there are two different carts: the older HP model carts without external batteries, and the newer Smart Cart with external batteries. Be sure you get the information needed for the cart you will have access to.  Ask the following questions: 
1. How do the laptops get internet access? By network cord or wireless?  If by cord, where do I plug it in? 
2. Is there anything I should know about when placing the laptops back in the cart? 
3. Are there any on/off , power switches that I need to be concerned with? 
4. How do I sign out the cart?

B. The second is to attend a group session outlining the use of the laptop cart. This is usually done in a staff meeting or school wide meeting.

Once you have completed both parts of the orientation, click this link to answer questions about the orientation and complete the form.
Follow the directions on the form itself to complete the orientation.
If you would rather attend an in person orientation , email Tracy Standhart @ for dates and times.