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There is huge shortage of qualified technician to look after ever growing demand of repairing industries due to mis-match in demand-supply chain. This is irony of Country of more than one billion population that there is massive unemployment  on one side & huge demands of mobile phone & laptop repairing technician on other side. Due to nature of demand & huge earning potential, mobile & laptop repairing course has become No. 1 course as it give instant access to self employment, money & position in society.

Exponential Growth For Laptop just to happen

Notebook/ laptops computer becoming more and more widely used. They're portable and don't take up nearly as much room as traditional desktop computers.
Learn to repair laptops yourself and you can save a lot of money, our aim is to give you accurate, relevant information to help you get the job done. Learning Laptop repairing course is very much rewarding as there is big demand supply gap of qualified technicians. Moreover, technician can demand hefty charges for repair of minor Laptop problems. As for example, nowadays, any technician is charging Rs.300 to 500 for changing a keypad in laptop: in same

amount you will get two new keyboards for any personal computer. In that way any computer hardware repairer, if he shift his job to Laptop Repairer after doing course from our Institute, he will increases their earning potential to many folds in short span of time.
Practical, friendly guide to repairing Laptops in easy-to-understand language, detailed problems & solution tutorials is key stone of our way of teaching. Our course emphasizes a deep understanding of "how a Laptop works", How to diagnose and repair problems; it concentrates on practical, "hands-on solutions" that can be implemented right away.
"A unique approach to troubleshooting Laptop hardware problems creates an expert system for diagnosing component failure and identifying conflicts. The diagnostic steps at the core of this our course is intended for the intermediate to advanced hobbyist, or the budding technician".
Following a structured approach to troubleshooting hardware reduces the false diagnoses and parts wastage typical of the inexperienced technician. Problems include: Power Supply Failure, Video Failure, CPU, RAM Failure, Motherboard, IDE Drive Failure, CD or DVD Recording Problem, Modem Failure, Sound Failure, Network Failure, Peripheral Failure, Conflict Resolution."
Focusing mainly on installing and troubleshooting hardware, the course also provides solutions to common operating system-related problems. Regardless of your level of experience, our course is the perfect resource for anyone who owns a laptop, wants to repair a Laptop or is considering a career in the Laptop repair business.

Why This Course?

Why This Course?

Advantages of doing Laptop Repairing Course:
  1. Exponential growth in near future/Already expanding fast
  2. Reap the benefit of early entry in this field by getting trained from us
  3. More early the entry, better chance of facing lesser competition
  4. Act as money multiplier: You need not change your present profession
  5. Low course fees, high in return
  6. Option for paying in installment
  7. Short term courses, Long term benefits
  8. High class course contents prepared by IIT trained professionals
  9. Constant up-gradation of courses to meet emerging demand
  10. Institute run by highly qualified educationists rather by pure business men, so quality are never compromised.in our Institute as profit is not only motive of running courses.