The Project

Winter expedition over 100 km in complete autonomy with tent, skis and Pulks between Abisko (Lapland) and the Kebnekaise (Sweden's highest moutain located approx. 150 km north of the Polar circle).
Specificity of the project:
-Our tour will be done in complete autonomy (in any case most of the huts along our route are not operated so early in the season) 
-February is one of the coldest month in Lapland with temperature as low as -40°C.
-We will attempt to climb the Kebnekaise and ski down to the valley  


Auroras, also known as northern and southern (polar) lights are natural light displays in the sky, particularly in the polar regions, and usually observed at night.
Auroras result from emissions of photons in the Earth's upper atmosphere, above 80 km (50 miles), from ionized nitrogen atoms, and oxygen and nitrogen atoms returning from an excited state to ground state. They are ionized or excited by the collision of solar wind particles being funneled down and accelerated along the Earth's magnetic field lines; excitation energy is lost by the emission of a photon of light, or by collision with another atom or molecule.
The weather conditions in Lapland can be relatively tough with extremly low temperatures, strong winds and deep snow. Pulling a Pulk in such conditions can sometimes be really exhausting, particularly when slopes crossing is required or when the sled is sinking in the fresh snow. Such tour in autonomy requires thus a good physical preparation. Due to our outdoor activities all over the year, we already have a good background. However to complete the training, we will test the equipment and organize some tours with Pulks in the Alps between January and February.

Key figures

Length of the route:                    approx 105km
Diff. in altitude for the route:     +1250m
Diff. in altitude to Kebnekaise:  +1300m
Highest point on the route:       Tjäkta pass (1150m)
Kebnekaise summit:                  2111m
Duration:                                        7-10 days
Temperature range:                   0 to -40°C
Daylength:                                     approx. 9h
Used to ski touring in the Alps, we want to discover new playgrounds, to enjoy another type of ski north of the Polar circle and to face new challenges in the wilderness. This expedition is much more than just a ski tour. This is the fullfilment of our dream, an adventure in polar conditions with new challenges everyday. As reward we are going to live an unforgetable experience in a magic landscape crowned by the Northern lights. 
From Abisko to the Kebnekaise, the plan is to follow the track of the Kungsleden. Depending on weather and snow conditions, we may modify a bit the route. We have planned 7 to 10 days to complete the tour. In theory 7 days should be enough, but our experiences in Patagonia and Greenland showed us that weather  changes may lead to important plan delays. From the Kebnekaise we will head to the Sami village of Nikkaluokta, where we will end our trip. You will find more information on the route on the page Road Map.

The Pulk

A pulk (from Sami language Bulke) is a Scandinavian short and small sled used in sport or for transport, pulled by a dog or a skier. The sled can be used to carry supplies such as tent or food, or transport persons.