All parents and caregivers of Lapham-Marquette students are members of the Lapham-Marquette Parent-Teacher Group (PTG). Welcome to our wonderful school community!

Lapham-Marquette PTG promotes educational, enriching events and activities for Lapham and Marquette students; offers parents a forum to learn about and discuss education and school-related matters; promotes community building activities; and provides support to Lapham and Marquette teachers, staff and families.

Why participate in the PTG? 
  • Inform yourself about what’s going on at school
  • Voice your opinion about our children’s education
  • Improve and expand our children’s educational opportunities
  • Connect with other parents and staff
  • Build a stronger, healthier community!
The easiest and best way to stay connected is to join our PTG Email List and/or PTG Facebook Group. Facebook is especially good for quick questions. Try attending a PTG Meeting too! It's a great way to meet engaged parents and staff – and enjoy free pizza and childcare too!

To post information about a school-related event or activity on 
our PTG Google Calendar, please send an email to calendar "at" lapham-marquette-ptg.org.

How to apply for a PTG Grant for the 2018-2019 School Year
If you have an idea or project that you'd like to bring to life and need some money in order to make it happen, please fill out this short form/ version en Español
. All requests will be reviewed at our monthly LMPTG board meetings and decisions will be made to fund the proposals in part or in full. Thanks for your great ideas.

Lapham Marquette Calendar