Apple Time Capsule Repairers

Do you want a Time Capsule that will last longer than 18months?
Do you find the mechanical nature of the repairs daunting?

I get requests from all over the world to do repairs which is not viable due to postage etc.
So here are a number of repairers from different countries who are prepared to do this work at a reasonable fee.
Anybody who would like to be listed, just email me your details and I will list you.
If you have issues with a repair done by someone on the list also email me.

I would prefer to have people who have actually done a repair themselves so know what is involved.
I will only list your email.. let people contact you through email and you can pass them other details.

I am particularly looking for people in Singapore/Malaysia who would like to do this.
For European countries as well. I have plenty of people in UK and Netherlands, what about some people from Germany, France etc. Of course within EEC you can post to Netherlands or UK cheap enough.
Even for a repair business as I have a number of enquiries from there but nobody I can refer people to. It isn't hard but the economics of repair won't give you a big return.

Please note, although I get constant emails asking do I have a repair contact in country xyz.. the answer is no.. these are the people who have put up their hands.. other places in the world no body has offered.. I do not reject people who offer, but I do ask you have some experience before saying yes.. so far one person has disappointed and been deleted.

So mine is first.
Ray Haverfield
Rosanna, Melbourne
Contact me for a repair kit..
I have now developed a reasonably cheap and good solution that is easy for end user to install.

Martin Howells
Seaford, South Australia

Bart Van Dessel,

Kees Vlaanderen

Jef Heuvelmans
Utrecht, The Netherlands

Rob van Vroenhoven
Yormac Apple Service & Support

Roger Eijkhoudt

Meherally Mahmud

Chris Fackrell

Joel Hunter

Kevan Gordon

Jonathan Lyster-Clayton
Telford, Shropshire


Dale Mosher
Kissimmee, FL

David Wolff
San Jose, CA

Larry Heiberger
St. Louis, MO / Midwest

Robert Reardon
Kingsburg, CA

Please check with each of the guys what they charge.
I do not run this as anything but a place to help TC owners find a repairer.
None of these guys pay me money. Most of us just do it to help, and what we charge is not even economic if we had to run a business.

To give an indication, my charge for supply and fitting of external power supply and doing the fan mod is $A130 plus post.
Repair to existing power supply plus fan mod is $100.
I strongly recommend the external method now.
But I am working on a super cheap internal supply replacement.
New developments are coming.

Any repair is carried out with risk onus on the owner... !
Other things go wrong... drives die... boards die... in the main the repair is simple and works.
At this point most of the repaired TC's are going strong.. !!

I will offer 3months standard electronic repair warranty on the power supply. I am sure all the repairers will offer at least that.
Any further repairs I will offer at reduced cost, as long as the device is used correctly.

Email me on and I can give you the details...
But I am also happy to provide more info to those who want to fix their TC.
If you have issues or some of the instructions are hard to follow please ask.